USA Weightlifting Features American Open Series...

American Open Series: A Guide

Oct. 17, 2016, 11 p.m. (ET)

What is the American Open Series?
The American Open Series is a new series of 3 events each year leading up to the American Open Finals (previously the “American Open”). The events provide an opportunity for all age and weight categories to gain more platform experience across the year and an opportunity for those who no longer meet raised totals on our traditional competitions to still compete at the national level.

The Series works on a points basis, with the Series Champions named at the American Open Finals.

What Weight Categories Are Offered?
The American Open Series offers the standard Adult & Junior weight categories, the Youth weight categories and Masters Weight Categories

Are these meets eligible for American Records, Ranking and Stipend eligibility?
Yes, you may achieve any of these items at an American Open Series event. Drug testing activity has been requested for each competition with the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency)

How do I become American Open Series Champion?
Points, per the IWF Technical Rules, will be awarded for 1st to 25th Place at each American Open Series, with the American Open Finals worth 2x points.

If there is a tie, the tie breaker will be snatch and clean and jerk points, followed by highest average placement, and if still tied, average Sinclair, if still tied, amount of series events attended.

There is an opportunity for Teams to also earn points across each Championship.

What do I get for becoming American Open Series Champion?
The Championship will be presented for Teams, Adult/Junior, Youth and Masters will be presented at the years’ American Open Finals. There will be at trophy per weight category (For Adult/Junior only) and an overall Series Champion.

Do I qualify for National Championships or American Open Finals?
The Top 3 overall in each Weight Category will qualify for the American Open Finals in that year.

The Top 3 Youth by Sinclair will qualify for the American Open Finals, the Top 3 Masters by Sinclair-Malone-Meltzer will qualify for the American Open Finals that year.