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Klingseis Wins Three Silver Medals, McCarty and Graybill Bring Home Bronze

By Anna Resman | Nov. 17, 2016, 7:40 p.m. (ET)

Matthew McCarty (University of Michigan) and Evan Graybill (University of Georgia) made their international debut on Thursday afternoon in Merida. Graybill had a strong start in the snatch session, nailing his first two lifts at 140kg and 147kg to win a bronze medal. McCarty did not complete his snatch attempts at 145kg.  

McCarty quickly rebounded for a three-for-three performance in the clean and jerk, successfully completing lifts at 172kg, 177kg, and 182kg to win bronze. Graybill hit 171kg on his first attempt, but was unable to complete 180kg on his final two attempts, landing fourth in the session. Graybill won a second bronze medal with his total of 318kg.  

Marissa Klingseis (Missouri State Western University) finished out competition for the U.S. women's lifters on a high note, winning three silver medals in the +75kg division.  

She made her opener snatch at 105kg and successfully completed 107kg on her final attempt after missing that weight on her second. In the clean and jerk, she finished in a similar fashion, making her opener at 137kg and then hitting 142kg on her final lift. She totaled at 249kg to place second overall, 8kg behind second place.  

Javier Pagliery (Saint Thomas University, School of Law) and Nicholas Saccente (American International University) were the final two lifters for Team USA in the men's +105kg division. 

Pagliery completed his first snatch attempt at 142kg, missed 148kg on his second, and came back to make 150kg on his third, placing seventh in the session. Saccente nailed his opener snatch at 147kg but was unable to complete 153kg on his final two attempts, landing ninth in the session.  

In the clean and jerk, Pagliery went two-for-three, finishing his first and third attempts at 183kg and 195kg. Saccente missed his opener at 183kg but came back to make 185kg on his second attempt. They placed sixth and tenth in the session, respectively.  

Pagliery totaled at 345kg to place eighth overall, and Saccente followed in ninth place, with a total of 332kg.