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Peck Wins Gold, Bianco Sweeps Silver on Day 2 in Merida

By Anna Resman | Nov. 15, 2016, 11:01 p.m. (ET)

Stephanie Lemmen (Central New Mexico Community College) kicked off competition for the United States on Tuesday afternoon, lifting in the women's 58kg session. She went two-for-three in the snatch session, completing her first two lifts at 84kg and 87kg. In the clean and jerk, Lemmen successfully completed 95kg and 99kg to total at 186kg, placing eighth overall.   

In the men's 69kg session, Aaron Addison (Polk State College) placed sixth overall with a 272kg total. He completed his first two snatch attempts at 120kg and 125kg and came up just short in his final attempt at 130kg. He went one-for-three in the clean and jerk session, completing his first attempt at 147kg.  

Mary Peck (California State University at Sacramento) and Cecily Basques (California State University at Sacramento) competed in the women's 63kg session. Peck won the snatch session, with an impressive three-for-three performance. Her second lift at 92kg set a new American University record, which she proceeded to break with her final lift at 95kg. Basques completed her first two lifts at 85kg and 87kg to finish seventh in the snatch session. 

In the clean and jerk, Peck and Basques finished fourth and fifth in the session, respectively. Peck had completed her first and third attempts at 110kg and 113kg, and Basques successfully completed her second lift at 112kg. Peck narrowly missed the podium with a fourth place finish, and Basques finished sixth overall.  

Angelo Bianco (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) closed out the day for the United States. Lifting in the men's 77kg session, he won silver across the board, sweeping second in the snatch, clean and jerk, and total.  He completed his first snatch attempt at 140kg, but was unable to finish 145kg on his remaining attempts. In the clean and jerk, Bianco successfully completed 167kg and 175kg.  

Mattie Rogers (Valencia College) lifts for Team USA on Wednesday afternoon, followed by Travis Cooper (University of Georgia) and James Tatum (North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork).  

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