USA Weightlifting Features October 2016 Contrib...

October 2016 Contributions

Nov. 03, 2016, 11:35 a.m. (ET)

USA Weightlifting would like to thank the contributors below for their support! 

If your name is not on the list below and you would like it to be, CLICK HERE to make a gift of support TODAY!

Alisha Stewart
Angela Cannon
Anna Florence
Anthony Tagliente
April Kaiser
Ashley Oates
Austin Boesch
Bradley Sprinkle
Brianna Thomas
Carissa Gump
Carl Johnson
Carol Adams
Chara Florence
Clay Scott
Colby Hewett
Craig Enderlin
Daniel Alire
Dominic Browne
Emilie Moser
Eric Stratman
Ethan McCullar
Gregg Hadley
Hannah Erickson
Isabella Madori
Jack Curtis
James Townsend
Jesse Cody
John Floyd
Jordan Collett
Lander Wells
Luis Gonzalez
Melanie Perry
Mike Mangiaruga
Morgan  Norval
Pablo Holguin
Phil Andrews
Randy Oginski
Timothy Twining
Toni Temple
Tyson Patrick