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Seegert, Delacruz, Cummings Set New Junior American Records at Worlds

By Anna Resman | June 29, 2016, 11:12 a.m. (ET)

TBILISI, Georgia – Competition is well under way at the 2016 IWF Junior World Championships, the most prestigious international event for junior lifters.        

Megan Seegert (Durham, Calif.) kicked it off for Team USA on Sunday in the 48kg category. She went two for three in the snatch, with a successful 72kg lift on her final attempt, placing sixth in the category. In the clean and jerk, she missed her first attempt at 85kg but came back to nail it on her second attempt. Her final successful attempt at 88kg put her in seventh for the category.

With a total of 160kg, Seegert placed sixth overall. Despite notable international competition, Seegert continues to make her mark. She set two new junior American records in the clean and jerk and total for 48kg category.  

On Monday, five lifters represented the United States on the platform. Jourdan Delacruz (Wylie, Texas) and Sydney Goad (Newnan, Ga.), lifting in the 53kg category, placed fifth and eleventh overall, respectively. Delacruz blazed through the snatch session, going three for three and setting a new junior American record on her final attempt at 78kg.

Goad missed her opening snatch at 69kg but bounced back to complete that weight on the second attempt and finished with a successful lift at 71kg.

In the clean and jerk, Delacruz made her first attempt at 92kg and missed her remaining two attempts at 95kg. Goad persisted through two missed attempts at 88kg to successfully finish the lift on her final attempt.

Athletes and fans across the globe continue to celebrate CJ Cummings (Beaufort, S.C.) and his record-breaking performance in the 69kg category. He dominated the category, winning gold by 10kg and breaking three youth world records.  

Cummings has had his eyes on these records for a while and clearly proved that the time was right in Tbilisi. Last month at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials in Salt Lake City, Utah, he totaled at 293kg with a 130kg snatch and 163kg clean and jerk. Monday’s clean and jerk was 17kg above that weight.

Tanner Reichardt (Leesport, Pa.) and Mason Groehler (Denmark, Wisc.) closed out Team USA’s competition for the day in the 77kg category. Reichardt made his opening snatch at 125kg and attempted 130kg but did not complete the lift on his final two attempts. Groehler missed 130kg on his first attempt but came back to make it the second time around. His final attempt at 135kg was not completed.

In the clean and jerk session, Reichardt made 160kg on his second attempt and did not complete 170kg on his final attempt. Groehler had a successful opener at 152kg and missed 160kg on his remaining two attempts. Reichardt and Groehler placed eighteenth and twentieth overall.  

Next up for Team USA is Erin Amos (Colorado Springs, Colo.), who lifts on Wednesday in the 58kg category.


Sunday, June 26

Megan Seegert – 48kg – 72kg snatch (6th), 88kg clean and jerk (7th), 160kg total (6th)

Monday, June 27

Jourdan Delacruz – 53kg – 78kg snatch (5th), 92kg clean and jerk (7th), 170kg (5th)

Sydney Goad – 53kg – 71kg snatch (10th), 88kg clean and jerk (12th), 159kg (11th)

CJ Cummings – 69kg – 137kg snatch (4th), 180kg clean and jerk (1st), 317kg total (1st)

Tanner Reichardt – 77kg – 125kg snatch (26th), 160kg clean and jerk (16th), 285kg total (18th)

Mason Groehler – 77kg – 130kg snatch (21st), 152kg clean and jerk (22nd), 282kg total (20th)