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Rogers Wins Silver, Sets American Record at Pan American Championships

By Anna Resman | June 11, 2016, 10:24 a.m. (ET)

Competition continues down in Cartagena for the 2016 Pan American Championships. On Thursday, Travis Cooper (Tyrone, Ga.) and Mattie Rogers (Apopka, Fla.) lifted for Team USA.

Cooper, lifting at 77kg, missed his opener snatch at 137kg but came back to nail that weight on his second attempt. He missed 142kg on his final snatch attempt, finishing sixth overall in the snatch category.

In the clean and jerk, Cooper made 167kg on his opener and followed it with a very solid 172kg. He cleaned 177kg in his third attempt but missed the jerk, finishing seventh overall in the clean and jerk category. With a total of 309kg, Cooper placed sixth overall in the 77kg class.

Competing in the 69kg class, Rogers went three for three in the snatch. She had a great battle back and forth with Leidy Yessenia Solis Arboleda (Colombia). Rogers started at 102kg, and increasing one kilo at a time, they both made all three lifts. Rogers’ final snatch was at 106kg, placing second in the category behind Solis Arboleda.

In the clean and jerk, she had two successful attempts at 129kg and 133kg. On her final attempt, she cleaned 137kg but missed the jerk, finishing third in the clean and jerk category.

Rogers placed second overall in her weight class with a total of 239kg – setting a new American record in the total for 69kg.

There are seven lifters still preparing to compete for Team USA on the final two days of competition. 


Kathleen Winters (48kg): 75kg snatch (fourth), 93kg clean and jerk (third), 168kg total (third)
Kelly Rexroad-Williams (48kg): 70kg snatch (fifth), 86kg clean and jerk (seventh), 156kg total (sixth)

Morghan King (53kg): 85kg snatch (third), 100kg clean and jerk (seventh), 185kg total (fourth)
Caitlin Hogan (53kg): 78kg snatch (sixth), 102kg clean and jerk (sixth), 180kg total (sixth)
Jessica Lucero (58kg): 85kg snatch (ninth), 114kg (seventh), 199kg total (eighth)
Alex Lee (69kg): did not total

Travis Cooper (77kg): 137kg snatch (sixth), 172kg clean and jerk (seventh), 309kg total (sixth)
Mattie Rogers (69kg): 106kg snatch (second), 133kg clean and jerk (third), 239kg total (second)