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King Places Fourth at Pan American Championships

By Anna Resman | June 09, 2016, 7:19 p.m. (ET)

Four lifters represented the United States on the second day of competition at the Pan American Championships in Colombia, Cartagena.

In the 58kg session, Jessica Lucero (Tustin, Calif.) lifted for Team USA. She had a successful opener snatch at 85kg but was unable to complete 88kg on her final two attempts. She placed ninth in the snatch.

Lucero went three for three in the clean and jerk with lifts at 105kg, 110kg, and 114kg – finishing seventh in the category. Overall, Lucero finished eighth with a total of 199kg.

Morghan King (Redmond, Wash.) and Caitlin Hogan (Long Beach, Calif.) competed in the 53kg category.

King, who secured a spot on the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team last month, missed her opening snatch at 80kg but came back to successfully complete that weight in her second attempt. She finished strong with a successful final lift at 85kg, placing third in the snatch session.

Hogan placed sixth in the snatch session, in a two for three performance. She started with a successful 75kg, then missed 78kg on her second attempt but successfully completed that weight in her final attempt.

In the clean and jerk, King made 100kg on her first attempt. She went for 105kg on the second but was unable to clean the bar. In her final attempt, she successfully cleaned 105kg but missed the jerk, placing seventh in the category.

Hogan missed 102kg on her attempt but came back to nail it on her second attempt. In her final attempt at 105kg, she cleaned the bar but was unable to complete the jerk. She placed sixth in the category.

King claimed fourth overall with a total of 185kg, and Hogan closely followed in sixth with a total of 180kg. King competed one weight class above her typical competition weight of 48kg.

Alex Lee (Chandler, Ariz.) was the first man to compete for Team USA in the 69kg class. He missed all three snatch attempts and chose not to clean and jerk due to a shoulder injury.


Kathleen Winters (48kg): 75kg snatch (fourth), 93kg clean and jerk (third), 168kg total (third)
Kelly Rexroad-Williams (48kg): 70kg snatch (fifth), 86kg clean and jerk (seventh), 156kg total (sixth)

Morghan King (53kg): 85kg snatch (third), 100kg clean and jerk (seventh), 185kg total (fourth)
Caitlin Hogan (53kg): 78kg snatch (sixth), 102kg clean and jerk (sixth), 180kg total (sixth)
Jessica Lucero (58kg): 85kg snatch (ninth), 114kg (seventh), 199kg total (eighth)
Alex Lee (69kg): did not total