USA Weightlifting Features Winters Wins Bronze ...

Winters Wins Bronze on Day 1 of Pan American Championships

By Anna Resman | June 08, 2016, 11:23 a.m. (ET)

Competition began Monday at the 2016 Pan American Championships in Cartagena, Colombia. First up for Team USA were Kathleen Winters (Bozeman, Mont.) and Kelly Rexroad-Williams (Flowery Branch, Ga.) in the 48kg category on Tuesday. Along with the majority of U.S. athletes competing this week, these women had a quick turnaround from the U.S. Olympic Team Trials in May.

Rexroad-Williams made all three snatches, finishing at 70kg in her final attempt. Winters missed her opening snatch but came back to successfully hit 72kg and 75kg in her subsequent attempts.

Amanda Melissa Braddock (Canada) also made 75kg at a lighter bodyweight, which pushed Winters from third to fourth in the snatch category. Rexroad-Williams placed fifth.

In the clean and jerk, Rexroad-Williams made 80kg on her first attempt, completed 84kg but it was not counted due to a flagged press-out, and came back to make 86kg on her final attempt. She placed seventh in the clean and jerk and totaled at 156kg to place sixth overall.

To get on the podium, Winters was battling Braddock throughout the clean and jerk session.

She had three successful attempts at 90kg, 92kg, and 93kg to edge out Braddock by one kilo for third place in both the clean and jerk category and overall.

With these women setting the tone for the competition, Team USA will continue to propel forward. Caitlin Hogan (Long Beach, Calif.), Morghan King (Redmond, Wash.), Alex Lee (Chandler, Ariz.) and Jessica Lucero (Tustin, Calif.) lift on Wednesday.


Kathleen Winters (48kg): 75kg snatch (fourth), 93kg clean and jerk (third), 168kg total (third)
Kelly Rexroad-Williams (48kg): 70kg snatch (fifth), 86kg clean and jerk (seventh), 156kg total (sixth)