USA Weightlifting Features June 2016 Contributi...

June 2016 Contributions

July 05, 2016, 4:20 p.m. (ET)

USA Weightlifting would like to thank the contributors below for their support! 

If your name is not on the list below and you would like it to be, CLICK HERE to make a gift of support TODAY!

Aaron Keisling 
Amy Eubanks 
Andrew Speer 
Anthony Montano
Ben Newman 
Brandi Ratliff 
Carly Brown 
Chris Ryan 
Christopher Hasegawa 
Christopher Schworm 
Craig White 
Daniel Swann 
Dennis Joebgen 
Dodd and Michelle  Berendt 
Drinda Lombardi 
Eric Sulzer 
Ethan Richardson 
Fred Stephens 
Gary Schworm 
George Panzak 
George Shockley 
Ja'Marcus Grace 
James Rocha 
Jay Saravis 
Jay Todia 
Jeff Jefferies 
Jeffrey Prejean 
Jerry Byrd 
Jim Zafrani 
Jonathan Daddis 
Jose Pluto 
Joshua Wright 
Karin Jonczak 
Karl Johnson 
Kathryn Fontaine 
Kyle Roethlein 
Laura Kearns 
Lisa Demetriou 
Luis Rodriguez 
Luke Pearson 
Maria  Barnabe 
Marla McPhail 
Matthew Zummo 
Michael Graber 
Michael Harvey 
Mike Allen 
Monterio Woodson 
Morgan Norval 
Nicholas Soto 
Nida Namathep 
Ninette Voiles 
Patricia Hackett 
Patrick Haverty 
Richard Redus 
Samuel Rhodes 
Sarah Warmack 
Sharon Stamps 
Sue Haverty 
Teresa Heer 
Vera Gregory 
Vincent Crupi