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Competition Concludes at IWF Junior World Championships

By Anna Resman | July 02, 2016, 11:40 a.m. (ET)

TBILISI, Georgia – Team USA is headed home after a full week of competition at the 2016 IWF Junior World Championships.

Erin Amos (Colorado Springs, Colo.) lifted in the 58kg weight class on Tuesday. She went two for three in the snatch session, with a successful 73kg and 75kg lifts on her first and second attempts. In the clean and jerk session, she completed 91kg and 94kg and missed 97kg on her final attempt. Amos placed fifteenth overall with a 169kg total.

On Wednesday, Cheyenne Schenk (West Palm Beach, Fla.), Nathan Damron (Advance, NC), and Jordan Cantrell (Clovis, Calif.) competed for Team USA.

In the 63kg weight class, Schenk placed thirteenth overall with a 171kg total. She missed her opener snatch at 74kg but came back to successfully complete it on her second attempt. Her final attempt at 77kg was also successful. In the clean and jerk session, she went two for three with successful lifts at 90kg and 94kg.

Damron and Cantrell, lifting at 85kg, placed ninth and thirteenth, respectively. Damron made his first two snatch attempts at 146kg and 150kg and missed his final attempt at 153kg. He nailed his opener clean and jerk at 180kg and did not finish his remaining two attempts. In a two for six performance, Cantrell successfully completed 145kg on his opener snatch and 173kg on his opener clean and jerk.  

Tom Summa (Kirkwood, Mo.) placed eighth overall in the 94kg weight class on Thursday. He made his first snatch attempt at 145kg and missed his remaining two attempts at 150kg. In the clean and jerk, Summa went two for three, finishing with a successful 182kg on his final attempt.

Jessie Bradley (Provo, Utah) lifted in the 75kg weight class on Friday. Deirdre Lenzsch (Somers Point, N.J.) was also scheduled to compete but did not make weight. Bradley, who competed in the U.S. Olympic Team Trials in Salt Lake City, finished eighth overall with a 210kg total. She went two for three in the snatch, successfully completing 93kg and 96kg on her first two attempts. Bradley made her opener clean and jerk at 110kg, missed 114kg on her second, and completed 114k on her final attempt.

Joshua Ji (Rowlands Heights, Calif.) closed out competition for the United States in the 105+kg weight class. He had a successful snatch opener at 147kg, missed 152kg on his second attempt, and then came back to complete 152kg on his final attempt. In the clean and jerk, he missed 181kg, completed that weight on his second, and then finished with 186kg.

July brings a lull of major national and international events until the Olympic Games in August. Jenny Arthur (Gainesville, Ga.), Morghan King (Redmond, Wash.), Sarah Robles (Desert Hot Springs, Calif.), and Kendrick Farris (Shreveport, La.) have a final month of preparation before heading to Rio to lift for Team USA on the international stage.


Sunday, June 26

Megan Seegert – 48kg – 72kg snatch (6th), 88kg clean and jerk (7th), 160kg total (6th)

Monday, June 27

Jourdan Delacruz – 53kg – 78kg snatch (5th), 92kg clean and jerk (7th), 170kg (5th)

Sydney Goad – 53kg – 71kg snatch (10th), 88kg clean and jerk (12th), 159kg (11th)

CJ Cummings – 69kg – 137kg snatch (4th), 180kg clean and jerk (1st), 317kg total (1st)

Tanner Reichardt – 77kg – 125kg snatch (26th), 160kg clean and jerk (16th), 285kg total (18th)

Mason Groehler – 77kg – 130kg snatch (21st), 152kg clean and jerk (22nd), 282kg total (20th)

Tuesday, June 28

Erin Amos – 58kg – 75kg snatch (14th), 94kg clean and jerk (15th), 169kg total (15th)

Wednesday, June 29

Cheyenne Schenk – 63kg – 77kg snatch (12th), 94kg clean and jerk (13th), 171kg total (13th)

Nathan Damron – 85kg – 150kg snatch (10th), 180kg clean and jerk (9th), 330kg total (9th)

Jordan Cantrell – 85kg – 145kg snatch (12th), 173kg clean and jerk (14th), 318kg total (13th)

Thursday, June 30

Tom Summa – 94kg – 145kg snatch (10th), 182kg clean and jerk (8th), 327kg total (8th)

Friday, July 1

Jessie Bradley – 75kg – 96kg snatch (6th), 114kg clean and jerk (10th), 210kg total (8th)

Joshua Ji – 105kg – 152kg snatch (9th), 186kg clean and jerk (9th), 338kg total (8th)