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Your First National Level Competition Part 1

Feb. 01, 2016, 3:24 p.m. (ET)

Your First National Level Competition

Part 1: Registration and Entry Procedures

With the participant numbers off the charts for the 2015 American Open Championships this past December, veteran and novice coaches shared the venue. Veteran coaches have shared their insight here to shorten the learning curve for novice coaches – so that all athletes benefit from this information and respond with quality performances. This article is the first of a four-part series that highlights the key components of a USA Weightlifting national level competition.


To qualify for a national level competition, you must lift at a USA Weightlifting sanctioned competition within the qualifying period. Refer to the Qualifying Totals page on USA Weightlifting website for qualifying details for a specific event.


All registration takes place through Webpoint, USA Weightlifting’s membership management system. It is important to ensure you are registered by the stated registration deadline on the entry form. Late registrations are not accepted by USA Weightlifting.

The best way to verify that you have successfully registered is to check the Start List that is published weekly on the USA Weightlifting website.

Team Entries

All USA Weightlifting national level competitions are conducted within bodyweight categories. The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) rules allow teams to consist of eight (8) men and seven (7) women, with no more than two (2) athletes competing in any one bodyweight category. The rules also allow for a team to nominate two (2) male and two (2) female reserves. Reserves are not permitted to compete unless they are substituting for a previously nominated team member who is withdrawn.

USA Weightlifting follows the IWF rules for team entries, scoring points to 25th place in the total only. A team with an entry must ensure their team entry is received by the registration deadline. The only change that can be made at the Verification of Final Entries meeting is to place a reserve onto their scoring roster.

IMPORTANT: All individual athletes must also be registered as individuals and be attached to the club they are representing by the close of registration.

Verification of Final Entries

Prior to the start of competition, USA Weightlifting will convene a meeting to verify the entries submitted by each person. This meeting is termed the Verification of Final Entries meeting. This meeting provides the final opportunity to make changes to the team composition by substituting reserves and/or changing the bodyweight category of registered athletes. The coach (or athlete) must supply a list of team members in the categories in which they will start. For any coach or athlete, this is the FINAL TIME a change to entry total or bodyweight category may be made. It is also an opportunity to withdraw athletes who will not compete.

An alternative to making this change at the Verification of Final Entries meeting is to submit the change to before 5pm Mountain Time on the Tuesday before competition.

The Verification of Final Entries meeting is not compulsory, but should be attended by any athlete or coach wishing to make a change. It is 30 minutes in length.

Start List

Competitors are allocated – usually by a computer program – lot numbers at the competition. These lot numbers govern the order of the weigh-in and are also used to determine the order of lifting. The competitors are listed on the scoreboards in the order of the lot drawn.

Following completion of the Technical Conference, a start list is produced and distributed to all teams. This list shows the allocation of lifters into groups within each category, which is based on the entry total that is also listed. In large competitions, each category may be divided into two or more groups. The start lists also indicates the start times of each category and group and the officials who will be in charge. The head coach needs to appraise this start list and share the contents with their assistant coaches and athletes.

Do you have questions? Ask! Reach out to our events team at who will be happy to help. Stay tuned for the next edition of this series that will focus on the duties and responsibilities of the coach!