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2017 and Beyond: A Look Ahead

Dec. 29, 2016, 8 a.m. (ET)

With a new Olympic quadrennial upon us comes new changes within USA Weightlifting. Below are some important links to updates that we want to make sure you haven’t missed or overlooked!

  • Membership and Coaching Education Course pricing increase including new Friends of Weightlifting membership category!
  • Supplemental Background Screening
    • This will be at NO cost to the applicable member. To ensure USA Weightlifting is up to standards for Safe Sport best practices full background screening will be run every two years (at the cost to the member) and every year in between at the cost of the organization.
  • Coaches General Liability Increase
    • The prices for this annual policy will be $65 (Jan. 1, 2017-Dec. 31, 2017).
    • More information about the USAW Coaches General Liability Insurance can be found HERE
  • New store for medals and trophies
    • USA Weightlifting has partnered with America’s largest Awards Manufacturer, Crown Awards, and will be offering cost effective USA Weightlifting branded medals and trophies. A portion of all sales will be returned back to the organization for Athlete Support. The store can be viewed HERE.
  • ADM Certification
    • The USA Weightlifting Board of Directors voted to require coaches to pass the Athlete Development Model (ADM) certification exam to access to the warm-up area at National Youth Championships events. This rule takes effect at the 2017 National Youth Championship events. The certification and exam are free of charge.
    • More information about the ADM Certification Requirements can be found HERE              
  • USA Weightlifting & USADA partner in the Lift Clean Initiative
    • USA Weightlifting will expand the drug testing of athletes by both randomly and intelligently selecting local events throughout the year for USADA to perform doping screenings.
    • More information about the Lift Clean Initative can be found HERE              
  • Sanction Event Requirements and Rules Update
  • National Rankings and International Squad Standings
  • The National Office staff will be publishing a monthly update to
  • The American Open Series launches in Reno in March. Click HERE to learn more about the series, and check out our 2017 competition calendar HERE
  • USA hosts the 2017 IWF World Weightlifting Championships. Visit the official website, and buy your tickets, HERE.
  • Don’t forget, USA Weightlifting has many partners we work with that all give back to the athletes of USA Weightlifting. Please see our partners below and shop with them to show your support for the athletes!