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Masters Governance Changes

Dec. 20, 2016, 6:18 p.m. (ET)

USA Masters Governance Process

As part of USA Weightlifting’s ongoing bylaws review, the USA Weightlifting Board of Directors, together with the USA Masters Executive Committee have agreed that governance of the Masters division will occur in the following way.

  •           USA Masters Weightlifting Committee will be included in the updated USA Weightlifting bylaws under the 501c3 group exemption provided by USA Weightlifting.
  •           USA Masters Weightlifting and USA Weightlifting will work together with a member of the bylaw review group, Jerry Dunne, to assist and agree on a new set of bylaws for the Masters division.
  •           The Masters Committee will be elected to 4 year terms, on a split basis reflecting the USA Weightlifting board. The first election will be in May 2018 together with other USA Weightlifting committees, with the remaining board positions elected May 2020. The election will include membership categories and online voting methods.
  •           The Masters division will implement sub-committees to further improve internal processes, to include but not limited to a Competition Committee and Technical Committee.
  •           Candidates for the Masters Committee will face scrutiny of a Nominating & Governance Committee in the same manner as national candidates for other committees and any board member. Full details of the procedure will be clearly laid out in bylaws.
  •           As part of the 501c3 process, USA Weightlifting will have access to the financial information of USA Masters Weightlifting division at all times.
  •           The Masters Committee will have a delegate to the USA Weightlifting board meeting at all times to ensure the needs of the Masters membership are being addressed in the wider organization. Similarly, USA Weightlifting board or staff will be present at USA Weightlifting Masters Committee meetings to ensure support and communication is there between the parties.
  •           The Masters Competition Committee will be tasked with building objective criteria for the hosting of competitions. USA Weightlifting’s national office, along with approved Masters sites will act as a default option in the case where no acceptable masters competition is available.
  •           USA Weightlifting and the Masters Committee will cooperate on a wide range of operational and communication issues for the betterment of Masters Weightlifting and the entire sport of Weightlifting in the United States, recognizing the Masters division as a full and active age group category in the sport.

USA Weightlifting and the USA Masters Committee thank all those who participated in this process, and we look forward to a strong future for the Strongest Masters in America.