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Cummings, Maurus Set Records at American Open Championships

By Anna Resman | Dec. 11, 2016, 5 a.m. (ET)

Note: There was an error in the original publishing of this release which has since been corrected. In the men's 85kg division, Anthony Pomponio won gold in the snatch and James Tatum won gold in the clean and jerk and total. 

CJ Cummings (Beaufort, S.C.) and Harrison Maurus (Auburn, Wash.) brought the crowd to their feet on the third day of the 2016 USA Weightlifting American Open Championship in Orlando, Florida. With the men's 69kg and 77kg division running side by side on Saturday afternoon, spectators shifted focus between platforms to keep up with the action.

Despite being crowned a Junior World Champion and Youth World Champion and setting new youth world records earlier this year, Cummings wasn’t ready to let 2016 end quietly. He breezed through his opener snatch at 130kg and made 135kg look easy on his second attempt. On his final attempt, he nailed 138kg, one kilogram above the previous junior American record that he set this summer at the IWF Junior World Championships.

In the clean and jerk session, Cummings opened at 165kg, a light weight in comparison to the 182kg American record that he set several months ago at the IWF Youth World Championships. He jumped up to 173kg on his second attempt and completed that lift without any apparent difficulty.

As Cummings rested before his final attempt, the crowd waited in anticipation to see if he would change weight to attempt a new record; when 183kg flashed up on the screen, the venue erupted in cheers. Cummings calmly approached the platform and confidently lifted 183kg overhead to set a new senior American record. His total of 321kg also set a new senior American record.

At only 16 years of age, Cummings holds two of the three senior American records for the 69kg division. He is now only two kilograms away from matching the only record he doesn't own. Alex Lee (Chandler, Ariz.) set the current snatch record of 140kg at the 2015 IWF World Championships.

On the adjacent platform, Maurus was also generating a great deal of excitement among the crowd. He made 140kg on his opener snatch without trouble. He missed 145kg on his second, but came back to nail 146kg on his final attempt, setting a new youth American record. Maurus won silver in the snatch, behind Yadier Quesada who snatched 151kg on his second attempt. Quesada is a Cuban athlete who is currently competing under Team 210 Weightlifting Club in Texas.

In the clean and jerk session, Maurus made 175kg on his first attempt and proceeded to set a new youth American record on his second with a successful lift at 182kg. He came up just short of 187kg on his final attempt, nailing the clean but missing the jerk. Quesada won gold in the clean and jerk with a successful first attempt at 187kg and won the session with a 338kg total.

During men's 85kg division, Anthony Pomponio (Orange County, Calif.) won gold in the snatch session in a two-for-three performance. He successfully completed 145kg on his first attempt and then came back to the platform to nail 150kg on his second attempt to win the session. James Tatum (Charlotte, N.C.) took first in the clean and jerk and total. He went two-for-three in the snatch session, completing his first two attempts at 143kg and 148kg, respectively. In the clean and jerk, he nailed 173kg and 178kg, and then attempted but did not complete 182kg on his final lift. 

In the women's 63kg session, seasoned lifter Maddy Myers (San Diego, Calif.) won gold across the board in a strong four-for-six performance. She made her opener snatch at 86kg, nailed her second at 88kg, and just missed 90kg on her final attempt. In the clean and jerk, she made 110kg on her opener. While she missed 115kg on her second, Myers rebounded to successfully complete that weight on her final attempt. She totaled at 203kg, with second place going to Jordan Weichers (Cedar Falls, Iowa).

Between sessions on Saturday evening, Florida native Tim McRae was inducted into the USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame. McRae won eight USAW National Championships between 1989 and 1999. Throughout that decade, he was a National Champion in six different weight classes, an impressive and rare feat. McRae trained at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and represented Team USA in the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games. As McRae stepped up to the platform to accept his award, he expressed his gratitude to all of those who supported him in his lifting career.

The final sessions of the American Open are taking place throughout Sunday, with competition concluding in the evening. Crowd favorite and hometown lifter Mattie Rogers will lift in the women's 69kg session this afternoon, starting at 1:00PM Eastern. A live webcast will continue to be broadcasted and live updates are be posted on USA Weightlifting's social media channels. Results are posted online.


63kg: Taylor Babb, 82kg snatch 

63kg: Taylor Babb, 98kg clean and jerk 

63kg: Taylor Babb, 180kg total


77kg: Harrison Maurus, 146kg snatch 

77kg: Harrison Maurus, 182kg clean and jerk 

77kg: Harrison Maurus, 328kg total 

69kg: CJ Cummings, 138kg snatch 

69kg: CJ Cummings, 183kg clean and jerk 

69kg: CJ Cummings, 321kg total


69kg: CJ Cummings, 138kg snatch 

69kg: CJ Cummings, 183kg clean and jerk 

69kg: CJ Cummings, 321kg total


69kg: CJ Cummings, 183kg clean and jerk 

69kg: CJ Cummings, 321kg total