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Winters, Johnson, Batchelor, Langtor Sasser Sweep Gold

By Anna Resman | Dec. 10, 2016, 8:51 a.m. (ET)

Friday brought a full day of competition to the World Center Marriott in Orlando, Florida. With three platforms running continuously throughout the day, there was no shortage of excitement and record-breaking performances.

The women's 48kg category kicked off in the early morning and included over 40 lifters. Kathleen Winters (Bozeman, Mont.) led the division in a strong five-for-six performance. She finished first in the snatch with a successful 78kg lift and second in the clean and jerk at 93kg. Winters edged out Alyssa Ritchey (Fort Collins, Colo.) for gold in the total by one kilo. Placing second overall, Ritchey took first in the clean and jerk at 95kg and second in the snatch at 75kg. 

Rising lifters Hayley Reichardt (Leesport, Calif.) and Megan Seegert (Durham, Calif.) also made their mark in the 48kg category. They both totaled at 162kg, with Reichardt claiming the bronze medal due to weight advantage. Reichardt smashed the 16 – 17 youth American records in a five-for-six performance. She hit 71kg on her final snatch attempt, and 91kg on her final clean and jerk. Seegert won bronze in the snatch and set a new junior American record with a successful 74kg on her third attempt.

Brian Reisenauer (Phoenix, Ariz.) and Andrew Cheung (Herculus, Calif.) led the men's 56kg category. Reisenauer made 106kg in the snatch to win gold, and Cheung hit 100kg to place second. Cheung edged out Reisenauer in the clean and jerk with a final attempt at 127kg. Reisenauer totaled at 232kg to win a second gold, and Cheung followed at 227kg.

Derrick Johnson (Los Angeles, Calif.) dominated the field in the men's 62kg category. He won gold across the board, finishing 12kg above second place with total of 263kg. Johnson went three-for-six, bringing in a 122kg snatch and 141kg clean and jerk. Jacob Horst (Leesport, Pa.) won two silver medals, placing second in the snatch and total with 115kg and 251kg, respectively. Aaron Adams (Newfield, N.J.) won silver in the clean and jerk with a successful attempt at 138kg.

In the women's 53kg division, seasoned lifter Cortney Batchelor (Mission Viejo, Calif.) showcased her experience. She took home three gold medals with a 83kg snatch and 100kg clean and jerk. Jourdan Delacruz (Wylie, Texas) followed Batchelor and set a new junior American record in the clean and jerk. After missing 96kg on her first two attempts, she bounced back to nail 97kg on her final attempt.

Jessica Lucero (Tustin, Calif.) and Mattie Langtor Sasser (Marshall Islands) battled it out in the women's 58kg division to close the evening. Lucero was a top contended in the U.S. Olympic Team Trials earlier this year, and Sasser represented the Marshall Islands in the Rio Olympics, where she placed eleventh. Both women snatched 88kg on their final attempt, with Sasser taking the gold in weight advantage. 

In the clean and jerk, Sasser successfully completed 113kg on her final attempt to win gold in the clean and jerk and total. Lucero attempted a new American record on her final clean and jerk, but did not complete the lift at 116kg. She finished one kilo behind Sasser in the total to place second overall.

Several 14 – 15 youth American records were broken throughout the day. Emma Nye (Kansas City, Mo.) set a new clean and jerk record with 72kg on her final attempt. Olivia Chardon (Stuart, Fla.) then broke Nye's record with a successful 75kg lift. She also set new records in the snatch (59kg) and total (134kg). Antwan Kilbert broke the snatch record with a successful lift at 91kg.

Jennifer Hauser (Jacksonville, Fla.) and Jo Ann Aita (Oakland, Calif.) set new master American records across the board in their respective age groups. Hauser totaled at 159kg with a 72kg snatch and 87kg clean and jerk. Aita hit 70kg in the snatch and 83kg in the clean and jerk to total at 153kg.

"It's been exciting to see so many strong performances in our first major event of the new quad, especially with our youth and junior athletes. The field is becoming increasingly competitive, an excellent sign as we propel forward towards 2020," said Phil Andrews, Executive Director of USA Weightlifting.

Competition will continue through Sunday afternoon. All eyes will be on the men's 69kg division on Saturday afternoon, when C.J. Cummings (Beaufort, S.C.) steps up to the platform. Cummings is closing out an incredible record-breaking year, including a new youth world records and gold medal finishes in the Junior World Championships and Youth World Championships. His session begins at 4:30PM Eastern. View full schedule here.  

Tickets can be bought at the door at the World Center Marriott, and all sessions are being broadcasted live on the USA Weightlifting website


44kg: Emma Nye, 72kg clean and jerk 

44kg: Olivia Chardon, 59kg snatch 

44kg: Olivia Chardon, 75kg clean and jerk 

44kg: Olivia Chardon, 134kg total 

56kg: Antwan Kilbert, 91kg snatch


48kg: Hayley Reichardt: 71kg snatch 

48kg: Hayley Reichardt, 91kg clean and jerk 

48kg: Hayley Reichardt,162 kg total


48kg: Megan Seegert, 74kg snatch 

53kg: Jourdan Delacruz, 97kg clean and jerk


63kg: Jennifer Hauser, 72kg snatch 

63kg: Jennifer Hauser, 87kg clean and jerk 

63kg: Jennifer Hauser, 159kg total


58kg: Jo Ann Aita, 70kg snatch 

58kg: Jo Ann Aita, 83kg clean and jerk 

58kg: Jo Ann Aita, 153kg total