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American Records Fall at Rio Games

By Kevin Farley | Aug. 15, 2016, 2:56 p.m. (ET)

With competition concluded for Team USA Weightlifting at the Summer Olympics in Rio, the Games of the XXXI Olympiad will go down as a big success for the United States. Not only did Sarah Robles deliver Team USA's first weightlifting medal in 16 years, two other women broke American Records that stood for 10 years or more.

On the first day of competition, Team USA's Morghan King (48kg) broke the American Record in the snatch. Her third lift of the competition at 83kg broke the record held by 2000 Olympic Champion Tara Nott Cunningham.

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"I was excited for Morghan and USA Weightlifting," Cunningham told USA Weightlifting. "Records are standards to reach and are meant to be broken." 

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"To just be by somebody that won the gold in the 2000 Olympics is really, really something very cool to me and very dear to my heart," King told USA Weightlifting.

On day 7 of Olympic competition, Team USA's Jenny Arthur (75kg) took the record in the snatch. Her third lift of the competition at 107kg broke the record held by Dorreen Fullhart. Fullhart set the record 10 years prior in Shreveport, Louisiana. Arthur now holds all of the American Records in her weight category. She set the record in clean & Jerk (at 138kg) and total weight (244kg) at the 2015 International Weightlifting Federation World Championships in Houston.

VIDEO: Jenny Arthur sets American Record with 107kg snatch