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USA Weightlifting National Championships and US Olympic Team Trials Less Than a Month Away

By Anna Resman | April 11, 2016, 12 a.m. (ET)

In less than a month, top lifters from across the nation will gather in Salt Lake City, Utah, for the 2016 USA Weightlifting National Championships and 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials. The events will take place at the Calvin L. Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center from May 5 to 8, 2016. Nationals will occur from Friday to Sunday with the Olympic Trials closing out the weekend on Sunday afternoon.

Fifteen women and sixteen men have been ranked to participate in the Olympic Trials. The women’s team has secured three spots in the 2016 Olympic Games. Earlier this year, Jenny Arthur was nominated for the first spot. The three female lifters representing Team USA in Rio will be finalized following the Olympic Trials. The men’s team has not yet earned any spots for the Games; however, they have the opportunity to secure one during the Pan American Championships in June.

Five Olympians will bring their experiences from prior Games to the platform. Holley Mangold (+75kg, 2012), Sarah Robles (+75kg, 2012), Melanie Roach (53kg, 2008), Norik Vardanian (94kg, 2012, Armenian team), and Kendrick Farris (94kg, 2008, 2012) are competing in the Olympic Trials. Mangold, Robles, and Farris were members of the 2015 International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) World Championships team.

Roach is the oldest athlete competing in Trials and holds the senior American record for the clean and jerk (113kg) and total (193kg) in the 53kg weight class. Cortney Batchelor, a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center (OTC), is also lifting at 53 kg in Salt Lake City. Batchelor, who has a total personal best of 193kg, has her eyes set on Roach’s records.

Jessie Bradley (75kg), also an OTC resident athlete, will enjoy a hometown advantage for the Trials. While currently training and living in Colorado Springs, she is originally from the Salt Lake City area.

Fourteen other lifters from Utah are registered to compete in Nationals – Rachael Davis (+75kg), Meagan-Lee Snodgrass (+75kg), Shantai Dickerson (53kg), Tess Waresmith (53kg), Brittany Riesenberg (63kg), Kailynn Pepito (63kg), Brielle Aitkin (69kg), Michaela North (69kg), Sarah Butler (75kg), Jake Dickerson (69kg), Wyatt Ray (77kg), Trinity Devereux (85kg), Christiaan Allen (85kg), and Zachary Brodis (+105kg).

Returning National Champions will look to defend their titles – Kathleen Winters (48kg), Rhiannon Reynolds (53kg), Jessica Lucero (58kg), Mattie Rogers (69kg), Jenny Arthur (75kg), Holley Mangold (+75kg), Darren Barnes (56kg), Derrick Johnson (62kg), CJ Cummings (69kg), Travis Cooper (77kg), Anthony Pomponio (85kg), Donovan Ford (105kg), and Caine Wilkes (+105kg).

Cummings, who holds the senior American record in the clean and jerk at 62kg, will lift at 69kg. At last year’s Nationals, he completed a 175kg clean and jerk to set a new senior American record at 69kg. However, OTC resident athlete Alex Lee (69kg) surpassed Cummings’ record at the 2015 IWF World Championships with a 176kg clean and jerk. Lee, who will also be competing, currently holds the senior American record at 69kg.

Athletes competing in Trials are eligible for Nationals placement based on their totals from Sunday’s event. Therefore, the awards ceremony for both Olympic Trials and Nationals will not occur until after the conclusion of Trials on Sunday evening.

Several junior athletes will face a quick turnaround from the 2016 Junior Pan American Championships, occurring from April 23 – 30. Fifteen lifters will compete for Team USA at this international event in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Nationals is the final qualification event for the 2016 Pan American Championships and 2016 IWF Junior World Championships. Additionally, it is the first major event at which athletes can qualify for the new USAW Direct Support Program.

The Hilton Salt Lake City Center, across the street from the competition venue, is the host hotel. Full details on the weekend, including schedule, start lists, accommodations, and transportation, can be found on the official event page.

Tickets are now available for purchase through the USA Weightlifting website. For spectators unable to attend onsite, a live webcast will be available during the weekend’s sessions.

Olympic Trials Participants


Morghan King (48kg, Redmond, Wash.)

Kelly Rexroad-Williams (48kg, Flowery Branch, Ga.)

Kathleen Winters (48kg, Bozeman, Mont.)

Cortney Batchelor (53kg, Colorado Springs, Colo.)

Melanie Roach (53kg, Bonney Lake, Wash.)

Jessica Lucero (58kg, Tustin, Calif.)      

Mary Peck (63kg, Sacramento, Calif.)

Mattie Rogers (69kg, Apopka, Fla.)

Ariel Stephens (69kg, Woodland, Calif.)

Jenny Arthur (75kg, Gainesville, Ga.)

Jessie Bradley (75kg, Provo, Utah)

Jessica Philips (75kg, Kennesaw, Ga.)

Holley Mangold (+75kg, Columbus, Ohio)

Marissa Klingseis (+75kg, St. Joseph, Mo.)

Sarah Robles (+75kg, Desert Hot Springs, Calif.)


CJ Cummings (69kg, Beaufort, S.C.)

Alex Lee (69kg, Chandler, Ariz.)

Angelo Bianco (77kg, Las Vegas, Nev.)

Travis Cooper (77kg, Charlotte, N.C.)

Leonardo Hernandez (77kg, Miami Gardens, Fla.)

Anthony Pomponio (85kg, Palm Desert, Calif.)

James Tatum (85kg, Charlotte, N.C.)

Colin Burns (94kg, Monroe, Wis.)

Norik Vardanian (94kg, Colorado Springs, Colo.)

Kendrick Farris (94kg, Shreveport, La.)

Donovan Ford (105kg, Sacramento, Calif.)

Wesley Kitts (105kg, Knoxville, Tenn.)

Spencer Moorman (105kg, San Ramon, Calif.)

D’Angelo Osorio (105kg, Vallejo, Calif.)

Cameron Swart (+105kg, Baytown, Texas)

Caine Wilkes (+105kg, Gastonia, N.C.)