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USAW names 2013 IWF World Championships Team

Sept. 30, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)

Team USA Women;

Morghan King - 48B - 10/20 - 11am (3am MT, 5am ET, 2am PT)
RESULTS: Morghan King, in her first international competition, lifted in the 48 kg B session today at the 2013 World Championships in Wroclaw, Poland. King snatched 68 kg on her first attempt, succeeded with a personal record 70 kg on her second, then missed 72 kg on her third.In the clean & jerk, King completed 88 kg on her first attempt, missed the jerk with a personal record 90 kg on her second, then succeeded with the same weight on her third. Overall, King totaled a personal record 160 kg, 4 kg higher than her previous best 156 kg at the National Championships, in a four for six performance on the day.

Cortney Batchelor - 58B - 10/22 - 12p (4am MT, 6am ET, 3am PT)
RESULTS: Cortney Batchelor, competing in her first World Championships, lifted in the 58 kg B category today in Wroclaw, Poland. Batchelor snatched 80 kg and jerked 100 kg, totaling 180 kg in a two for six performance on the day. Batchelor placed eleventh overall in the  58 kg body weight category.

Allie Henry - 69C - 10/23 - 12p (4am MT, 6am ET, 3am PT)
RESULTS: Allie Henry, competing in her first World Championship, lifted in the women's 69 kg category C session. The 2013 Pan American Championships snatch silver medalist completed two successful snatches with  92 kg and 96 kg, before missing her third with a personal record 99 kg. 

In the clean & jerk, Henry made 108 kg on her first attempt, completed a personal record 112 kg
on her second, then missed a third attempt with 114kg. Overall, Henry totaled a personal record 208 kg, in a four for six performance. Henry, placed seventeenth overall.

Geralee Vega - 63A - 10/23 - 4.55p (8.55a MT, 10.55a ET, 7.55a PT)
RESULTS: Geralee Vega Morales, competing internationally for the first time for Team USA, placed seventh overall in the women's 63 kg category at the 2013 World Championships in Wroclaw, Poland, setting American Records in clean & jerk at 125 kg, and total at 225 kg. Vega Morales snatched a personal record 100 kg, equalling the current American Record on her third attempt after a miss with the weight on her second. Morales' total record exceeded her current record by nine kg.

Jenny Arthur - 69B - 10/24-10a (2am MT, 4am ET, 1am PT)
RESULTS: Jenny Arthur, competing in her first world championship, lifted in the women's 69 kg B session at the 2013 World Championships in Wroclaw, Poland. Arthur snatched 95 kg and clean & jerked 117 kg to total 212 kg in the competition. Overall, Arthur placed thirteenth, in a two for six performance.

Shelbie Serpan - 75+B -10/25- 2p (6am MT, 8am ET, 5am PT)

RESULTS: Shelbie Serpan, a first time world championships competitor, lifted in the 75+ B session, snatching 100kg and clean & jerking 135 kg, for a combined total of 235 kg in a three for six performance.

Chioma Ameachi - 75+A -10/26 7.55p (11.55a MT, 1.55p ET, 10.55a PT)
Chioma Amaechi, competing in the 75+ kg A session, placed eighth overall in the category, completing 100 kg on her first snatch attempt, missing 105 kg on her second, then succeeding with the same weight on her third attempt. In the clean & jerk, Amaechi completed 136 kg on her second attempt after missing it on her opening attempt, the followed with a successful  139 kg on her third, in a four for six performance on the day.

In the women's division team standings, Team USA finished seventh overall with 305 points, two points behind Ukraine at 307, and 16 points behind Poland at 321. As a non-Olympic qualification competition, placements in both individual events and the total each receive points, resulting in the large point totals per team. 

Team USA Men;

Caleb Williams - 69B - 10/23 - 10a (2am MT, 4am ET, 1am PT)

RESULTS: Caleb Williams, competing in the men's 69 kg category B session, totaled 282 kg to finish eighteenth overall in the category. Williams snatched 122 kg, before missing 126 kg on his second and third attempts. In the clean & jerk, Williams succeeded with 160 kg, then missed 167 kg and 168 kg, in a two for six performance on the day.

James Tatum - 77B - 10/24 - 12p (4am MT, 6am ET, 3am PT)
RESULTS: James Tatum, competing in his first world championship, placed fourteenth overall in the 77 kg category. Lifting in the B session, Tatum snatched 138 kg and clean & jerked 166 kg to total 304 kg, in a three for six  performance  on the day.

Travis Cooper - 85B - 10/25 - 10a (2am MT, 4am ET, 1am PT)
Mike Nackoul - 85B - 10/25 - 10a (2am MT, 4am ET, 1am PT)
RESULTS: Michael Nackoul and Travis Copper, competing for the first time at the world championships, lifted in the  85 kg  B session at the 2013 World Championships in Wroclaw, Poland. Both lifters completed 145 kg snatches, Cooper on his first attempt followed by two misses at 148kg, and Nackoul on his  third after a successful 139 on his second attempt. In the clean & jerk, Nackoul lifted 177 kg, then 182 kg, before a miss at 185 kg, a weight Cooper missed twice before making it on his third attempt. Cooper finished thirteenth overall in the category with a 330 kg total. Nackoul finished seventeenth with 327 kg in total. Nackoul was four for six, and Cooper two for six on the day.

Jared Fleming - 94B - 10/26 - 12a (4am MT, 6am ET, 3am PT)
RESULTS: Jared Fleming placed fifteenth overall in the 94 kg category, totaling 332 kg, in a three for six performance. Fleming completed two snatches at 152 kg and 157 kg, missing his second attempt, then missed twice 175 kg twice in the clean & jerk before making the weigh on his third.

David Garcia - 105C - 10/26 - 10a (2am MT, 4am ET, 1am PT)
RESULTS: David Garcia, competing in the 105 kg C session, completed five of six lifts to total 356 kg, successively snatching 150 kg, 155 kg, and 160 kg, then completed two of three clean & jerks, his first attempt  at 190 kg and 196 kg on his third attempt, having missed the same weight on his second. Garcia placed twelfth overall in the category. 

Donovan Ford - 105B - 10/26 - 2p (6am MT, 8am ET, 5am PT)
RESULTS: Donovan Ford, competing in the 105 kg B session, was withdrawn from the competition after the snatch due to injury, after having completed 155 kg on his first attempt, missing with 160 kg on his second, then succeeding with this weight on his third attempt.

Caine Wilkes - 105+B - 10/27 - 10a (2am MT, 4am ET, 1am PT)
Caine Wilkes, competing in the 105+ kg B session, totaled 378 kg on two of six successful attempts, completing his first attempt snatch with 168 kg, then missing 173 kg and 174 kg on this second and third. In the clean & jerk, Wilkes succeeded with 210 kg on his first attempt, then missed 217 kg twice on his final two attempts.

Wilkes, competing in the 105+ kg category, finished in fifteenth place overall.

Team USA men finished eleventh with 227 points, forty nine points less than tenth place Uzbekistan.






Fifteen of the top weightlifters in the U.S. head to Wroclaw, Poland, Oct. 16-27 for the 2013 IWF World Championships. The decorated group of American athletes looks to continue a strong 2013 international

campaign as Team USA begins to pave the road to Rio 2016.

Led by National Team Coach Zygmunt Smalcerz, Men’s Co-Head Coaches Christopher Wilkes and Glenn Pendlay, and Women’s Head Coach Jose Victor Gallego, the U.S. Team will be comprised of eight men, seven women and four reserves.

“USA Weightlifting is proud to send this group to represent our country at Worlds in Poland,” said USA Weightlifting CEO Michael Massik. “This is an excellent group of athletes who have taken great strides to earn their spots on this team. We are very proud of the work they have done to get here and excited for the work they will do on the world stage.”

Team USA Meeting the US Ambassador in Poland 

Dr. Mark Lavallee & Coach Zygmunt Smalzerz

Old friends, Olympic medalists, and World Champions 

Coach Yoshiyuki Miyake & Coach Zygmunt Smalcerz.

The Polish Army granted Coach Zygmunt Smalzcerz the rank of Colonel in the Polish Army.

The 2013 IWF World Championships U.S. Women’s Team:

2013 National Champion Morghan King, 48kg, (Fort Mill, S.C.) 2013 National Champion Cortney Batchelor, 58kg, (Colorado Springs, Colo.)2013 National Champion and Clean & Jerk American Record holder Geralee Vega, 63kg (Moorestown, N.J.) 2013 Junior World silver medalist, 2013 Junior National Champion and two-time American Record holder (Clean & Jerk at 69kg and 75kg) Jenny Arthur, 69kg, (Colorado Springs, Colo.) 2013 Pan Am medalist Allie Henry, 69kg, (Boston, Mass.)2012 Junior World medalist Chioma Amaechi, 75+kg, (San Francisco, Calif.)2013 Pan Am Team member Shelbie Serpan, 75+kg, (Johnson City, Tenn.)

Reserves: Samantha Lower, 58kg, (Austin, Tx.) and  Kelly Rexroad-Williams, 48kg, (Atlanta, Ga.).

The 2013 IWF World Championships U.S. Men’s Team:2013 National Champion and American Record holder (69kg Clean & Jerk and total) Caleb Williams, 69kg, (Atlanta, Ga.) 2013 Pan Am Team Member James Tatum, 77kg (Fort Mill S.C.)2013 Pan Am medalist Travis Cooper, 85kg, (Fort Mill, S.C.)2013 World University Games Team member MikeNackoul, 85kg, (Pittsburgh, Pa.)

2013 National Champion and Junior American Record holder (94kg. snatch and total) Jared Fleming, 94kg (Shreveport, La.)2013 Pan Am medalist Donovan Ford, 105kg, (Colorado Springs, Colo.)2013 Pan Am Team member David Garcia, 105kg, (Sacramento, Calif.)2013 National Champion Caine Wilkes, 105+kg, (Chesapeake, Va.)Reserves: Darren Barnes, 56kg, (Moorestown N.J.) and Chad Vaughn, 77kg (Florence, Tx.)

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