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2013 National Youth Championships

Oct. 09, 2013, 12:27 p.m. (ET)

10/9/13 NOTE ABOUT RESULTS:  The 'final results' previously linked to this page were incomplete, although each athlete's lifts were correctly reflected in the membership database.  We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.


Youth American Records;
13 & Under Boys

35kg – Terry Roberson Jnr (Savannah, GA – Coastal Empire Weightlifting) – 42kg, 54kg for a 96kg Total.
39kg-Ulysses Yarbrough (Inner Strength)-45kg Snatch
62kg – Clarence Cummings Jnr (Beaufort, SC – Team Savannah) – 100kg, 125kg for a 225kg Total.
69kg – William Cohen (Savannah, GA – Team Savannah) – 83kg, 100kg for a 183kg Total.

13 & Under Girls
39kg – Alexandra Thornton (Dallas, TX - Outlaw Barbell) – 36kg, 46kg for an 82kg total.

Best Lifters U13 Boys
1.       CJ Cummings (Beaufort, SC – Team Savannah) – Awarded the Key to the City of St Joseph, MO
2.       William Cohen (Savannah, GA – Team Savannah)
3.       Terry Roberson Jnr (Savannah, GA – Coastal Empire Weightlifting)
Best Lifters U11 Boys
1.       Dean Goad (Flowery Branch, GA – Coffee’s Gym)
2.       Dimitry Kurochkin (Pflugerville, TX – Unattached)
3.       Seth Tom (San Francisco, CA – Hassle Free Barbell)
Best Lifters U13 Girls
1.       Alexandra Thornton (Dallas, TX – Outlaw Barbell) – Awarded the Key to the City of St Joseph, MO
2.       A’Leah Ross (St Joseph, MO – Wesley Weightlifters)
3.       Abigail Flickner (Kansas City, MO – Unattached)
Best Lifters U11 Girls
1.       Abigail Flickner (Kansas City, MO – Unattached)
2.       Rubylyn Goad (Flowery Branch, GA – Coffee’s Gym)
3.       Emma Dudak (Fayetteville, NC – East Coast Gold Weightlifting)

Team Awards – 16-17 Men

1.       Team Savannah
2.       Wesley Weightlifting
3.       Team Georgia
Team Awards – 16-17 Women
1.       Hassle Free Barbell
2. Team Florida Orlando
3, Leavenworth Pioneers
Best lifter – 16-17 Women
1. Sydney Goad (Flowery Branch, GA – Coffee’s Gym)
2. Dierdre Lenzsch (Somers Point, NJ – East Coast Gold
3. Mia Tiongson (Sacremento, CA – Hassle Free Barbell)

Best Lifter – 16-17 Men
1. Nathan Damron (Kansas City, MO – Unattached)
2. Tanner Reichardt (Philadelphia, PA – Garage Strength)
3. Dominick Trozzi (Cleveland, OH – West Park YMCA)
Women’s Team 14-15;
1.       Wesley Weightlifting
2.       Cannon Falls Weightlifting
Men’s Team 14-15
1.       Wesley Weightlifting
2.       Team Savannah
3.       Team Georgia
Best Lifter Women 14-15;
1.       Erin Amos (Colorado Springs, CO)
2.       Olivia Perez (Ft Leavenworth, KS)
Best Lifter Men 14-15
1.       Michael Cohen Jnr (Savannah, GA)
2.       Omar Cummings (Beaufort, SC)
American Youth Records
14-15 Womens
44 - Sydney Goad – 53kg, 69kg, 122kg (Previous record held by Sydney Goad of 120kg)
48 – Olivia Perez – C&J 68kg, Total 119kg (Previous record by Jaslyn McGraw & Wndolyn Garrett)
48 – Olivia Perez breaks the record at 51kg, Erin Amos sets new record at 52kg.
48 – Erin Amos – Snatch 52kg. (Broken by Perez, then broken by Amos)

16-17 Men
50 – Michael San Juan – 40kg, 53kg, 93kg
77 – Tanner Reichardt breaks with 146kg Clean & Jer, Nathan Damron sets new mark of 147kg Clean & Jerk.
14-15 Men

77 – Omar Cummings – 131kg Clean & Jerk record
85 – Michael Cohen Jnr – 144kg Clean & Jerk record



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