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Non-national sanctioned event USADA testing opportunities & Barbell Certification Opportunities

Jan. 18, 2013, 5:52 p.m. (ET)

2013 USADA Testing & Barbell Certification Opportunities


USA Weightlifting Non-National Sanctioned Competitions

USADA Testing Opportunities


USA Weightlifting is pleased to announce the following opportunities for local competition organizers to consider in 2013, as enhancements to their non-national competitions:

  • On-Call Testing for American Records: The USADA provides on-call testing services to local organizers through USA Weightlifting where, American records are set at competitions not otherwise drug tested.  A charge is made for the on-call service, in addition to the cost of the test itself.  The on-call USADA test collector is contacted, and appears at the competition to collect the sample.


  • Scalable Testing Services for Local Competitions: USADA provides in-competition testing services through USA Weightlifting to local organizers, scaled to the size and scope of the competition, on a cost for service basis. USADA works with USA Weightlifting to specify the charge, including costs associated with the test collectors’ on-site availability, which vary based on the service level required.

Organizers, who wish to consider having their competition sanctioned by USA Weightlifting as a drug tested Qualification Event for international competitions, or desire to present international competition trials sessions as a component of their competition, now have an opportunity to do so.  The costs associated with USADA drug testing are those of the organizers. In order to acquire this special sanction, a formal agreement with USA Weightlifting based on the USA Weightlifting agreement applicable to national competitions, will be required.  

In order to qualify for a sanction for these types of competitions, organizers will be required to meet the basic competition standards for national level competitions, such as an IWF certified competition set on the competition platform; warm up area per national competition standards and the associated barbell sets, from an IWF certified barbell manufacturer, of similar brand and quality as the competition platform set; national or higher level referees; competition platform sized to national competition standards, etc.

  USA Weightlifting Barbell Certification Opportunity

Barbell manufacturers whose barbell sets meet IWF certification standards, but are not currently certified by the IWF, now have the opportunity to receive USA Weightlifting certification for use of their barbell sets in USA Weightlifting national and non-national events.

In order to receive this certification, manufacturers must meet the following requirements:

  • Barbell sets must meet all IWF standards for IWF certification as specified in the most current IWF Technical & Competition Rules;
  • The manufacturer must make produce 20 kg and 15 kg bars, to the most current IWF certification standards available;
  • If the IWF standards change during the one-year certification period, the USA Weightlifting certification is voided thereafter for the balance of the certification period;
  • Barbell sets for which manufacturers seek certification, are subject to independent testing and evaluation, as USA Weightlifting, in its sole discretion, shall determine;
  • USA Weightlifting retains all rights to approve or deny certification.

The USA Weightlifting annual non-refundable certification fee is $10,000.

Interested local organizers and barbell manufacturers may contact High Performance Director Peter Roselli, at