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2013 Pan American Sub 15 Championships

Aug. 16, 2013, 10:41 a.m. (ET)

Team USA Competition Schedule


2pm (CENTRAL) - Erin Amos (48) (40,44,48kg Women)

4pm (CENTRAL) - (44, 48, 52kg Men)



2pm (CENTRAL) - Alec Cosentino, CJ Cummings, Tyler Maizels, William Cohen, Dillon Guffey (56, 62, 69kg Men)

4.30pm (CENTRAL) - Hannah Damron, Ruby Haman, Camille Caskey (53,58kg Women)



2pm (CENTRAL) - Riley Bohan, Alicia Vogel, Jessica Sipos (63, 63+ Women)

4pm (CENTRAL) - Coltan Lesle, Omar Cummings, Michael Cohen Jnr (77,77+ Men)

TEAM USA Day 1 Results

Erin Amos (Colorado Springs, Colo.)
48kg Bronze Overall (122kg)
48kg Silver Clean & Jerk (69kg)
48kg Bronze Snatch (53kg) 
New 14-15 Youth American Record Snatch, Clean & Jerk and Total

Snatch Attempts: 53kg/-55kg/-55kg 

Clean & Jerk Attempt: 65kg/67kg/69kg 

Total: 122kg  


TEAM USA Day 2 Results

56Kg Men:

Alec Cosentino (Altantic Beach, Fla.) wins Silver/Silver/Silver with 65/87/152
Snatch Attempts: 59kg/65kg/-70kg

Clean & Jerk Attempts: 80kg/84kg/87kg

Total: 152kg

62kg Men:
Clarence Cummings Junior (Beaufort, SC) wins Gold/Gold/Gold with 105/130/235
Pan American Sub 15 Record for Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Total

13&U American Record for Snatch, Clean & Jerk and Total

6 for 6 Performance

Snatch Attempts: 97kg/102kg/105kg

Clean & Jerk Attempts: 120kg/127kg/130kg

Total: 235kg

69kg Men:
Dillon Guffey (Cleveland, TN) wins Bronze/Silver/Silver with 85/110/195
Snatch Attempts: 80kg/85kg/-90kg
Clean & Jerk Attempts: 110kg/-115kg/-115kg
Total: 195kg


William Cohen (Savannah, GA) wins Silver Snatch & Bronze Overall with 86/101/187

13 &U American Record for Snatch, Clean & Jerk and Total 

Snatch Attempts: 81kg/84kg/86kg

Clean &  Jerk Attempts: 98kg/101kg/-105kg

Total: 187kg 


53Kg Women:

Hannah Damron (Kansas City, KS) takes 5th Overall with 53/63/116

Snatch Attempts: 50kg/53kg/-55kg

Clean & Jerk Attempt: -63kg/63kg/-67kg

Total: 116kg


Camille Caskey (Charleston, IL) takes 4th Overall with 52/64/116, by virtue of body weight.

Snatch Attempts: 50kg/-52kg/52kg

Clean & Jerk Attempts: 62kg/64kg/-67kg

Total: 116kg


58Kg Women:

Ruby Haman (Colorado Springs, CO) did not post a total, achieving 70 in the Clean & Jerk.

Snatch Attempts: -57kg/-58kg/-58kg

Clean & Jerk Attempts: -70kg/70kg/-74kg

Total: None


Team USA Men finish with a Pan American Record (Snatch, Clean & Jerk and Total) and Best Lifter award for Clarence Cummings Jnr.

Cummings becomes the first male American to set a Continental or World record in over a decade.

Clarence Cummings Jnr, William Cohen and Omar Cummings set new American Records (Snatch, Clean & Jerk and Total) in their respective weight classes.

Clarence Cummings Jnr (Beaufort, SC), Omar Cummings (Beaufort, SC) take Gold overall.

Alec Cosentino (Atlantic Beach, FL) and Dillon Guffey (Cleveland, TN) take Silver overall.

Coltan Lesle (Manning, IA), William Cohen (Savannah, GA) and Michael Cohen (Savannah, GA) take Bronze Overall.

Tyler Maizels (Parkton, MD) takes a Snatch Bronze

Team USA Men add another 14 Snatch & Clean & Jerk Medals for a total haul of 22 medals.

Team USA Women finish with a new Snatch, Clean & Jerk and Total record for Erin Amos (Colorado Springs, CO)

Riley Bohan (Sarasota, FL) takes Silver Overall

Erin Amos and Alicia Vogel (Lakeville, MN) take Bronze Overall

Jessica Sipos (Santa Fe, NM) takes Bronze Snatch

Team USA Women add a further 5 medals for a total of 9.

Both Team USA Men & Women take 2nd overall.

Best Overall Lifter

Men – Clarence Cummings Jnr (Beaufort, South Carolina – United States of America)

Women – Neisi Dajomes (Ecuador)

Team Placings
Men & Women Teams;

  1. Mexico
  2. United States of America
  3. Puerto Rico

Other competitors: Argentina, Guyana, Chile, Brazil, El Salvador

Team USA – Sunday 18th August

63kg – Riley Bohan (Sarasota, Florida) wins Silver/Silver/Silver with 53kg/70kg/123kg
Snatch Attempt: -51kg/-53kg/53kg
Clean & Jerk Attempt: 61kg/67kg/70kg
Total: 123kg

+63kg – Alicia Vogel (Lakeville, Minnesota) wins Clean & Jerk and Total Bronze with 61kg/79kg/140kg
Snatch Attempt: 55kg/-60kg/61kg
Clean & Jerk Attempt: 75kg/-79kg/79kg
Total: 140kg

+63Kg – Jessica Sipos (Santa Fe, New Mexico) wins Snatch Bronze with 65kg/74kg/139kg
Snatch Attempt: 60kg/63kg/65kg
Clean & Jerk Attempt: 70kg/74kg/-78kg
Total: 139kg


77kg – Omar Cummings (Beaufort, SC) wins Gold/Gold/Gold, with 106kg/136kg/242kg
NEW American Youth Record 14-15 Snatch, Clean & Jerk and Total in a 6 for 6 performance.
Snatch Attempt: 98kg/103kg/106kg
Clean & Jerk Attempt: 125kg/132kg/136kg
Total: 242kg

77kg – Coltan Lesle (Manning, Iowa) wins Bronze/Bronze/Bronze with 91kg/119kg/210kg
Snatch Attempt: 88kg/91kg/-94kg
Clean & Jerk Attempt: 105kg/112kg/119kg
Total: 210kg

77+kg – Michael Cohen (Savannah, Georgia) wins Bronze/Bronze/Bronze with 112kg/147kg/259kg
Snatch Attempt: 107kg/-112kg/112kg
Clean & Jerk Attempt: 140kg/147kg/-152kg
Total: 259kg