Michelle Cai Places 10th at Youth Worlds

May 14, 2011, 7:37 p.m. (ET)

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – As the lone competitor for Team USA on Friday, 17-year-old Michelle Cai (San Francisco, Calif. / Hassle Free Barbell Club) placed 10th in the 69kg (151.8lbs) division at the Youth World Championships in Lima, Peru.

Competing against the best athletes in the world ages 17 and under, Cai opened with two snatch attempts of 63kg each (138.6lbs), but didn’t complete either. With one attempt left, Cai increased the load to 65kg (143lbs) Cai completed the lift which tied her previous personal record to stay in the competition with a 10th place finish in the snatch.

In the clean and jerk, Cai’s first lift of 85kg (187lbs) equaled her previous PR and her second lift of 88kg (193.6lbs) moved her into ninth place in the clean and jerk portion of the event. Cai’s final attempt was a lift of 90kg (198lbs) which would have moved her into eighth place in the clean and jerk.

Cai finished 10th overall with a total of 153kg (336.6lbs) – another new PR by six kilograms (13.2lbs).

The final day of competition will be held on Saturday in which Marissa Klingseis (St. Louis, Mo. / Wesley Weightlifters) and Jaclyn Beed (Norman, Okla. / Unattached) will lift in the +69kg (151.8lbs) division and Ian Wilson (San Francisco, Calif. / Hassle Free Barbell Club) and Tayler Jakubsen (Savannah, Ga. / Coastal Empire Weightlifting) will compete in the 94kg (206.8lbs) division.

As each nation may enter a maximum of seven men and six women in the competition, Team USA did not have entrants in all divisions. Top-eight results for all divisions contested on Tuesday are as follows, including snatch, clean and jerk and total results:

Women’s 69kg (151.8lbs)
1. Dariya Goltsova (RUS): 93kg (204.6lbs), 123kg (270.6lbs), 216kg (475.2lbs)
2. Boonnatee Klaksikit (THA): 94kg (206.8lbs), 116kg (255.2lbs), 210kg (462lbs)
3. Hatice Demirel (TUR): 80kg (176lbs), 105kg (231lbs), 185kg (407lbs)
4. Sumeyye Kentli (TUR): 80kg (176lbs), 104kg (228.8lbs), 184kg (404.8lbs)
5. Daniela Hernandez (COL): 81kg (178.2lbs), 101kg (222.2lbs), 182kg (400.4lbs)
6. Man-Yu Yen (TPE): 72kg (158.4lbs), 101kg (222.2lbs), 173kg (380.6lbs)
7. Ana Carmen Torres Wong (MEX): 75kg (165lbs), 97kg (213.4lbs), 172kg (378.4lbs)
8. Jolanta Wior (POL): 72kg (158.4lbs), 86kg (189.2lbs), 158kg (347.6lbs)

10. Michelle Cai (San Francisco, Calif. / Hassle Free Barbell Club): 65kg (143lbs), 88kg (193.6lbs), 153kg (336.6lbs)

Men’s 77kg (169.4lbs)
1. Victor Getts (RUS): 138kg (303.6lbs), 173kg (380.6lbs), 311kg (684.2lbs)
2. Milad Orangi (IRI): 136kg (299.2lbs), 155kg (341lbs), 291kg (640.2lbs)
3. Patryk Slowikowski (POL): 122kg (268.4lbs), 145kg (319lbs), 267kg (587.4lbs)
4. Sonny Webster (GBR): 118kg (259.6lbs), 145kg (319lbs), 263kg (578.6lbs)
5. Camilo Hernandez (COL): 116kg (255.2lbs), 146kg (321.2lbs), 262kg (576.4lbs)
6. Moises Musa Valladares (MEX): 112kg (246.4lbs), 141kg (310.2lbs), 253kg (556.6lbs)
7. Bastian Lopez (CHI): 118kg (259.6lbs), 135kg (297lbs), 253kg (556.6lbs)
8. Paul Ferrin (ECU): 110kg (242lbs), 136kg (299.2lbs), 346kg (761.2lbs)

Men’s 85kg (187lbs)
1. Artem Okulov (RUS): 156kg (343.2lbs), 191kg (420.2lbs), 347kg (763.4lbs)
2. Mikayel Mikayelyan (ARM): 140kg (308lbs), 170kg (374lbs), 310kg (682lbs)
3. Arif Koc (TUR): 130kg (286lbs), 158kg (347.6lbs), 288kg (633.6lbs)
4. Halil Ibrahim Turan (TUR): 126kg (277.2lbs), 156kg (343.2lbs), 282kg (620.4lbs)
5. Mirhuseyn Huseynov (AZE): 127kg (279.4lbs), 154kg (338.8lbs), 281kg (618.2lbs)
6. Yeison Vidal (COL): 129kg (283.8lbs), 151kg (332.2lb), 280kg (616lbs)
7. Darwin Pirela (VEN): 124kg (272.8lbs), 156kg (343.2lbs), 280kg (616lbs)
8. Omar Ulises Perez Ramirez (MEX): 121kg (266.2lbs), 150kg (330lbs), 271kg (596.2lbs)

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