Darren Barnes Breaks Senior American Record, Places Fourth at Youth Worlds

May 11, 2011, 10:58 a.m. (ET)

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – Seventeen-year-old Darren Barnes (St. Louis, Mo. / Lindenwood Lions) set a new American Senior Record in the snatch on Tuesday at the Youth World Championships in Lima, Peru.

Competing in the 56kg (123.2lbs) division, Barnes set a new American Senior Record of 101kg (222.2lbs) on his final snatch attempt after successfully completing his opening two lifts of 92kg (202.4lbs) and 97kg (213.4lbs.)

Barnes’ final snatch broke a 7-year-old American Senior Record of 100.5kg (221.1lbs) set by Shelton Gilyard (Valrico, Fla. / Team Florida Gulf Coast) at the 2003 American Open. Barnes also broke his own American Junior (U20) and School Age (U17) Records of 99kg (217.8lbs) that he set at the Arnold Championships in March.

Both Barnes and Jhon Jairo Serna (COL) lifted 101kg, but Serna weighed in .03kg (.07lbs) lighter than Barnes which meant that Serna earned the bronze medal in the snatch and Barnes placed fourth.  Javier Mosquera (COL) led the division with his lift of 104kg (228.8lbs).

In Olympic weightlifting, the three snatch attempts are followed by each athlete taking three clean and jerk attempts with placements awarded for the snatch, clean and jerk and total results.

Barnes dropped his opening attempt at 120kg (264lbs), but completed the lift on his second attempt. Barnes closed the event with an attempt at 125kg (275lbs). The lift would have broken Barnes’s American Junior and School Age Record of 124kg (272.8lbs) and given the two-time Youth World Team member a bronze medal in the clean and jerk.

Barnes didn’t complete the lift, however, and placed sixth in the clean and jerk and fourth overall with his total of 221kg (486.2lbs).

Competition continues on Wednesday when Barnes’s twin brother Darrel Barnes (St. Louis, Mo. / Lindenwood Lions) will compete in the 62kg (136.4lbs) division on the men’s side. Ellen Kercher (Hoschton, Ga. / Team Georgia Weightlifting) and Ashley Koren (Port Orange, Fla. / Team Florida – Volusia County) will lift in the 48kg (105.6lbs) and 53kg (116.6lbs) divisions, respectively.

As each nation may enter a maximum of seven men and six women in the competition, Team USA did not have entrants in all divisions. Top-eight results for all divisions contested on Tuesday are as follows, including snatch, clean and jerk and total results:

Women’s 44kg (96.8lbs)
1. Chunlian Chen (CHN): 65kg (143lbs), 80kg (176lbs), 145kg (319lbs)
2. Diana Chay Dzul (MEX): 61kg (134.2lbs), 80kg (176lbs), 141kg (310.2lbs)
3. Viviana Munoz Lopez (MEX): 59kg (129.8lbs), 79kg (173.8lbs), 138kg (303.6lbs)
4. Beatriz Piron (DOM): 60kg (132lbs), 76kg (167.2lbs), 136 (299.2lbs)
5. Jessica Londono (COL): 59kg (129.8lbs), 70kg (154lbs), 129kg (283.8lbs)
6. Maria Alejandra Mejia (COL): 55kg (121lbs), 70kg (154lbs), 125kg (275lbs)
7. Astrid Carolina De Leon Valdes (GUA): 52kg (114.4lbs), 69kg (151.8lbs), 121kg (266.2lbs)
8. Olga Fernandez (ESP): 52kg (114.4lbs), 63kg (138.6lbs), 115 (253lbs)

Men’s 50kg (110lbs)
1. Hao Jiang (CHN): 100kg (220lbs), 121kg (266.2lbs), 221kg (486.2lbs)
2. Alejandro Posada (COL): 89kg (195.8lbs), 110kg (242lbs), 199kg (437.8lbs)
3. Krongrat Panrak (THA): 90kg (198lbs), 106kg (233.2lbs), 196kg (431.2lbs)
4. Alexander Myshov (RUS): 89kg (195.8lbs), 106kg (233.2lbs), 195kg (429lbs)
5. Nicolas Sanchez (COL): 84kg (184.8lbs), 106kg (233.2lbs), 190kg (418lbs)
6. Mirco Scarantino (ITA): 80kg (176lbs), 103kg (226.6lbs), 183kg (402.6lbs)
7. Okan Yilmaz (TUR): 80kg (176lbs), 102kg (224.4lbs), 182kg (400.4lbs)
8. Jordan Martinez (CHI): 77kg (169.4lbs), 101kg (222.2lbs), 178kg (391.6lbs)

Men’s 56kg (123.2lbs)
1. Jhon Jairo Serna (COL): 101kg (222.2lbs), 135kg (297lbs), 236kg (519.2lbs)
2. Arun Kon-Ngoen (THA): 102kg (224.4lbs), 128kg (281.6lbs), 230kg (506lbs)
3. Javier Mosquera (COL): 104kg (228.8lbs), 125kg (275lbs), 229kg (503.8lbs)
4. Darren Barnes (St. Louis, Mo. / Lindenwood Lions): 101kg (222.2lbs), 120kg (264lbs), 221kg (486.2lbs)
5. Juan Prado (VEN): 97kg (213.4lbs), 122kg (268.4lbs), 219kg (481.8lbs)
6. Jiajun Liang (CHN): 96kg (211.2lbs), 120kg (264lbs), 216kg (475.2lbs)
7. Michael Di Giusto (ITA): 97kg (213.4lbs), 117kg (257.4lbs), 214kg (470.8lbs)
8. Alejandro Gutierrez Ramirez (MEX): 93kg (204.6lbs), 120kg (264lbs), 213kg (468.6lbs)

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