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USAW High Performance Director Position

March 11, 2011, 6:30 p.m. (ET)

USA Weightlifting, “the strongest team in America” is looking for a High Performance Director (HPD). The HPD will be charged with developing the coaching community of USA Weightlifting and the overall technical performance of the organization. The key tasks that the HPD will be asked to complete across his/her initial year in this position are listed in the job description.



DUTIES:  The High Performance Director will coordinate and administer USA Weightlifting's Coaching education, certification and classification system.  The High Performance Director is expected to be the Team Leader at all major International Events:  Olympic, Pan American Games, Senior World Championships, Junior World Championships and Grand Prix Events, to the extent that is practicable. This position will also plan, communicate, and manage technical and informational aspects of USA Weightlifting, working in cooperation with the National and Resident Coaches, and the Technical, Coaching and Competition Committees of USA Weightlifting in fulfilling the responsibilities enumerated below:



  A.  Administer and oversee all aspects of USA Weightlifting education, certification and classification
  • Set up, teach and evaluate all levels of coaching education courses
  • Verify classification and notify participants
  • Expand coaching course and examination opportunities above the entry level coach’s course
  B.  Organize staffing of education programs and act as course lecture where appropriate.
  • Set up courses/exams for all coaching levels for which completion of a course and/or examination is a requirement
  • Assure appropriate staffing for conducting courses and exams
  • Develop protocol for the National Federation for High School Sports
  • Assure availability of courses/exams nationwide
  C.  Train or otherwise assure competence of  course instructors.
  • Summarize current instructor status
  • Identify and train or otherwise assure competence of prospective instructors
  • Evaluate performances of new and current instructors
  • Develop criteria for certification of instructors
  D.  Update and publish training manuals and videos
  • Revise, update and implement advanced level coach course materials
  • Implement National Federation for High School Sports manual and video
  E.  Organize and run camps and seminars for coaches, officials and athletes.
  •  Input from Technical Directors
  F.  Organize international camps and coaching exchange programs.
  • Input from Technical Directors
  G.  Pursue opportunities to expand the entry level  Coach programs with specific references to national
        and state sports conferences.
  • Contact State Athletic Associations
  • Contact Collegiate Associations
  • Contact NSCA
  • Other organizations


A. Create elite athlete health insurance criteria.

B.  Write selection procedures for the Olympic, Pan American and other USOC supported games.


A.  Assist the National coaches in the preparation and implementation of USA Weightlifting's
     High Performance Plan.
  • Data research to reinforce and/or influence preparation and performance of athletes
  • Data research to reinforce and/or influence preparation and performance of coaches

 B.  Assist National coaches in implementation and monitoring of Elite Athlete Program.

  • Data research to reinforce and/or influence preparation and performance of athletes and coaches

 C.  Act as liaison to the Technical, Coaching and Managers Committees.

  • Quarterly report from Technical Directors to each Committee
  • Summarize USAW activities and disseminate information to the membership
  D.  Administer and execute the High School Power Clean program (proposed program).
  • Examine the ramifications of the proposed program
  E.  Assist the Meet Director and Competition Secretary in arranging for  the support staff needed for all
       aspects at all National and U.S. hosted international competitions including but not limited to:
  • Timing system operation
  • Refereeing
  • Coaching education and referee courses and clinics


A. Evaluation of coaches, athletes and program.

B. Performance markers for the coaches and athletes.

C. Assist in recruiting of athletes.


This position is supported by the USOC; salary and benefits will be negotiated depending on qualifications.  Preference will be given to those candidates willing to relocate to Colorado Springs, CO.  The start date will be immediately following the successful search and hiring. 

The minimal job requirements for the position are:

  • USA Weightlifting Regional Coach (or equivalent)
  • Familiarity and experience with USA Weightlifting Coaching Education Program
  • Familiarity and experience with teaching USA Weightlifting Coaching Courses
  • Familiarity with USA Weightlifting as an organization
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Undergraduate college degree or the equivalent
  • Fluent English speaking and writing

Other considerations

  • Personal production of national and international level athletes will be an important consideration in selecting the HPD
  • It is preferred that the HPD reside in Colorado Springs, but the inability to do so will not exclude a candidate from consideration
  • Competitive Weightlifting background is a plus
    Objectives For the HPD
During the HPD's early months of employment he/she will be challenged to:
1.      Revise Materials For Coaches Above The Entry Level (Revise the Entry Level Course as well if that  
         has not been accomplished by the time the HPD is hired) and assure that opportunities for courses
         are improved substantially.
2.      Review the current coach classification system to determine whether modifications in that
         system are warranted.
3.      Assure that all coaches eligible to be reclassified are reclassified.
4.      Place training programs of Resident athletes online and assure that all clinics are made available
         online subsequent to their live presentation.
5.      Assure that qualifications for all events and teams are posted online within two weeks of
         any results necessary in order to calculate such qualifications become available.
6.      Create a Coach’s Association aimed at facilitating communication among coaches about their
         challenges they face and solutions they have developed.

Please submit your cover letter and resume to USAW to apply for this position!