From San Jose to Beijing

July 30, 2008, 11:20 a.m. (ET)

A number of the Team USA weightlifters have already passed through the U.S. Olympic processing site in San Jose, CA and are now starting to settle down in the Olympic Village in Beijing, China. The rest of the team will head to California for processing in the coming days.

The games officially start on August 8th, with the opening ceremonies being held at 8:08:08 CST in the Beijing National Stadium. Weightlifting begins on August 9th and will be held in the Beihang University Gymnasium. The US weightlifting team begins competition on the 10th of August. In summary, the Team USA lifting schedule is as follows:

               Aug 10th - 53 kg Melanie Roach
               Aug 12th - 63 kg Carissa Gump
                                 63 kg Natalie Woolfolk
               Aug 13th - 77 kg Chad Vaughn
               Aug 15th - 85 kg Kendrick Farris
               Aug 16th - 75+ kg  Cheryl Haworth