2008 Beijing bound Kendrick Farris and his mother in front of his own billboard in Shreveport, Louisiana.

July 18, 2008, 6:16 p.m. (ET)
         Kendrick is a member of the 2008 Olympic Weightlifting Team that is heading over to Beijing, China in the weeks to come.

          Born and raised in Shreveport, Louisanna, Kendrick has been an active weightlifter ever since his uncle Kevin introduced him to the sport. Over the course of his weightlifting profession Kendrick has managed to complete a career best Snatch of 158 kg and a Clean & Jerk of 201 kg. His best overall competition performance has amounted to a total of 355 kg (781 lbs).

         Kendrick also has held records for the Junior American level 85 kg weight class in the Clean & Jerk (198kg). He also holds the record in the American level 85 weight class for the Clean & Jerk at 201 kg. His best international competition preformance to this date has been a bronze medal at the Pan Am Games.

        USA weightlifting wishes Kendrick the best of luck in the 2008 Olypmic Games and we hope that his hard work and dedication to the sport will bring him victory during the games.