Local Weightlifting Committee Update

July 10, 2008, 4:19 p.m. (ET)
 I.  WORLD UNIVERSITY CHAMPIONSHIPS.  By majority vote of the Board, the World University Championships in Athens (November) will be funded as follows:

Total cost per is estimated to be $2465 per athlete
Athletes qualifying at 100% will be fully funded by USAW
Athletes qualifying at 95% to 99% will pay 25% of total cost
Athletes qualifying at 90% to 94% will pay 50% of total cost

The primary qualifier for this team was the 2008 National Collegiate Championships.  The Rodger DeGarmo Memorial at the USOTC, September 5-6, is the secondary qualifier.

II.  TEAM WARM UPS.  USA Weightlifting is pleased to offer a fantastic savings of 35% to registered clubs for team warm ups:

"TEAM1" - Made of double knit fabric in navy, embroidered with USA WEIGHTLIFTING across the back and red and white stripes across the chest of the full zip jacket and down each leg of the drawstring pants.  THIS PRODUCT AVAILABLE IN LIMITED SIZES (men's only) and run slightly larger than normal.  Available to USA Weightlifting registered clubs at a LOW, LOW PRICE of $42.25 per suit with a minimum order of ten suits (enter discount code TEAM1 on payment page.)  SHIPPING IS FREE to single address for entire order.

"TEAM2" -   With Adidas' 3-stripe trademark, these warm-ups are made of double knit fabric in navy with full zip jacket, red insets on sleeves and USA WEIGHTLIFTING embroidered on the back.  Pants have drawstring waist, red side insets and are zippered at ankles.  Availabile in men's sizes only, it is recommended that women order one size down.  Example:  for women's large, order medium.  Available to USA Weightlifting registered clubs at an unbeatable price of $61.75 per suit, with a minimum order of ten suits (enter discount code TEAM2 on payment page).  SHIPPING IS FREE to single address for entire order only.

To access the "Members Only" store for ordering, click here to log into your membership account or go to http://weightlifting.usoc.org/ and click on the gray bar marked "Become a member today! MEMBERSHIP SERVICES". 

III. LOCAL EVENTS.  We continue to see non-member participation in local events, which jeapordizes everyone involved:  the athletes, who are not covered under Sport Accident Insurance; the coaches, meet director, officials and facility owners, who are not covered under General Liability Insurance; and the athletes who HAVE current memberships, who will not be able to use their totals for national event qualification because NON-MEMBERS have been allowed to lift, causing the results for the entire meet to be null and void.  Therefore, effective immediately, the sanctioning of a local meet will not be completed until the results are received in the National Office and all participants have been deemed eligible to compete based on membership status at the time of the meet. 

Event sanctioning will now be a 2-part process: 

1)   The Sanction form, received in the National Office with the appropriate payment, will be considered ONLY a "Sanction Registration" until such time as
2)   the RESULTS are received in the National Office, and it is confirmed that all athletes in the event were MEMBERS in good standing at the time of the event.  Only then will the results be uploaded to the athletes' competition history and the results be posted on the USA Weightlifting website.  If all the requirements for a sanctioned meet are not fulfilled (BOTH parts 1 and 2,) the sanction fee will be forfeited, no rebate will be paid to the LWC and any results that have been submitted will be considered null and void FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS.

IV.      CHANGE IN SPORT ACCIDENT INSURANCE CARRIER.  Effective April 1, 2008, USA Weightlifting has a new carrier for its Sport Accident Insurance coverage.  Current forms and filing instructions can be downloaded at http://weightlifting.teamusa.org/content/index/1462 or from the "Member Services" tab on our home page.

V.        UESAKA WEIGHT SETS TO BE SOLD.  Thanks to Joe DeLago and his generous donation of weights to the resident program at the USOTC, the National Office will sell ten (10) sets of used UESAKA weights to USA Weightlifting registered clubs by lottery.  Complete sets only will be sold at $500 per set, limit one (1) set per club, FOB.  A lottery will be drawn at the September 5-6 Rodger DeGarmo Memorial in Colorado Springs to determine the recipients.  If you will not be present at the Rodger DeGarmo Memorial and would like to be included in the drawing, please express your interest by e-mail to usaw@usaweightlifting.org or fax to 719-866-4741.  Following the event, parties will be contacted in the order in which their names were drawn and will be given an opportunity to purchase the weights and arrange for shipping.  Winners need not be present to win, but lottery winners within the top ten who are present at the Rodger DeGarmo Memorial may take the weights with them providing full payment is made.

VI.      LWC/CLUB LISTS.  LWC Presidents and Club Reps both have the ability to view lists of their current members from the "Clubs" tab.  LWC Presidents can view all of the clubs and unattached members within the LWC.  Club Reps can only view the members within his/her club.   Complete LWC lists are available upon request.

As always, thanks to each and every one for your hard work on behalf of our sport!