2022 International Weightlifting Day and Military Bases Showdown - Online

April 23 - 24, 2022

International Weightlifting Day & Military Bases Showdown - Online Event

Qualification Period: April 14, 2021-April 14, 2022

Registration Period:
Registration ($75) ends Thursday, April 14 at 4 p.m. ET

Base Team Registration;


So how is this going to work?
- Register for the event in BARS
- Complete the team registration form (link in bio)
- Select club team or base name
- Compete

- You DON'T have to be a part of a club to compete
- This event is open to EVERYONE not just military personnel
- Your installation DOESN'T need to have a club for you to represent the base
- You DO have to be a member of USA Weightlifting
- Military base team portion will include international installations

So what do we win?
- The base with the highest total weight lifted will receive a club banner and a free 1 year club affiliation

Athlete Start list

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