September Online Qualifer

Sept. 01 - 30, 2021



September Online Qualifier
September 1-30, 2021


Online competition will be held here. Registration is required through BARS.


Step 1: Register via Bars:

Step 2: Submit Videos beginning September 1:

Join USA Weightlifting members across the country in two new online competition opportunities to qualify for the following events:

2021 National Events


- Athletes must be current USA Weightlifting members

- Athletes must register for the event on BARS

- Singlets are required

- Athletes must submit all required information on the entry page

- Athletes must submit 1 snatch and 1 clean and jerk video with a visible timestamp, clock or timer at all times in both the weigh in and lift submissions

- A photo of athlete weight with clock displayed will be accepted in lieu of a video

- Videos must be set at 400cm from the athletes start position or make best effort if that is not possible ensure the video shows the athlete from overhead lock out to floor

- Camera must be placed directly in front of the athlete and raised directly in front of the athlete i.e. videos filmed from the ground will not be accepted

- If you have a lock out issue before starting the lift show the judges your full extension pause then lift

- Weights may be in KG or LB.

- Black pound plates must display weight markers in the video either at the beginning or end of the submission 

- Weight must be submitted in kg to the lowest whole number for ex. 100.8kg will be recorded as 100kg 

- Athletes may start immediately following weigh in but cannot exceed normal competition duration ex. weighing in in the morning and then waiting until the following day to compete




Athletes may choose to weigh in and immediately lift. The examples below are meant as a guideline. 

Video submission clock example:

If the athlete weighs in at 1 pm the snatch video should be between 3pm and 4pm and the clean and jerk should be between 4pm and 5pm with the clock displayed to reflect.

Video submission timer example:

Alternatively with a timer the start time should be from 1min to 60min (1hour), 120min to 180min for the snatch, and 180 to 240min for the clean and jerk.



- This event will be used as a local competition opportunity. Athletes will be required to weigh in and compete within the same time limit as they would at a local event

- Due to the nature of this event we ask that all athletes compete with integrity and to respect their fellow athletes when sending in submissions

- Pulling straps are not allowed

- Videos that do not include a weight check are prohibited

- Excessive weight cutting methods are not endorsed or allowed

- In the case of a tie the athlete that posted their video submission first will be awarded

- Videos that do not display the weights following the lifts are prohibited

- Singlets are required


- Submissions will be reviewed by National referees and above for approval and qualification

- If your submission is rejected you will receive and email informing you of the decision

- If your submission is accepted you will see the results uploaded to your member profile within 1 week after competition close

- Athlete will be able to view their submission in the gallery instantly. If your submission is no longer posted in the gallery then your submission has been accepted. 

- Contact for submission questions

- Award winners will be notified and published within 1 week of the close of the competition


Top 3 TOTAL placement awards will be given in the following categories

- Men's and Women's Open 

- Men's and Women's Masters (all age categories) 

- Men's and Women's Youth ( all age categories)

- Men's and Women's Open Adaptive 

- Men's and Women's Open Military 

Snatch and clean and jerk medals WILL NOT be awarded

Awards will be mailed in June (subject to change)