Frequently Asked Questions

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When is the last time to submit changes to my weight class and entry total?

A.             The last opportunity to submit changes to your weight class and entry total is prior to the end of the Verification of Final Entries for this event.

How will the process of the weigh-in work?

A.             After the Final Schedule is published and you are allocated into your session, you will receive an invite with a link to participate in the weigh-in zoom call. All participants will be in the call’s ‘waiting room’ with only the athletes that are weighing-in admitted in the call. You will be REQUIRED to wear a singlet at all times during the weigh-in. After stepping into the scale and having your weight verified by a Technical Official you will declare your openers either verbally or in the zoom call chat. Weigh-ins will start two hours before the competition and will last for one hour. You are requested to log in the zoom call thirty minutes before the start of the weigh-ins.

How do I know that my scale is considered calibrated?

A.             During the weigh-in process a technical official will request you to place a pair of 25kg competition discs on top of the scale. A scale that reads between 49.5kg and 50.5kg will be deemed calibrated.  We encourage you to test your scales prior to the actual weigh in. Please note that you will need a DIGITAL scale that displays the weight in kilograms.

How do I compete?

A.             After weighing-in, you should log out of that zoom call and log in to the COMPETITION invite that you will have received specifically for your session and platform. Log in to your COMPETITION at least thirty minutes prior to the start of your session. USAW staff and the officials will run a couple tests to make sure that your connection is properly working, that your camera is in a good position and will also walk you through the specifics of this event. You may be requested to show the equipment that you are planning on using. In order to ensure that your competition will go smoothly, please make sure that you have good internet speed (reliable cable, DSL or LTE mobile internet is recommended).

After the countdown clock hits zero, USA Weightlifting’s broadcast will start and athletes will have FIVE MINUTES to warm up. The first lift of a session scheduled to 10.00am will happen then at 10.05am. Please note that YOU ARE ALLOWED to start your warm-ups whenever you want, as athletes are not required to be present for introductions.

The competition will run like a normal weightlifting meet, with coaches asking for changes on the Zoom Call chat, texting them to EVERYONE. All rules of a weightlifting competition apply for this event, except when noted otherwise. Please see more on that in the topic below.

Some things are vital for you to keep in mind:

·       DO NOT watch your competition through the live stream. Please use the zoom call to monitor your competition, as there is a significant delay in the live stream that may make you miss the calling order. 

·       When you log into the zoom call please make sure that your name appears as LAST NAME First Name. If you don’t know how to do it, feel free to ask for the support of a present USAW staff.

·       Make sure that you have the appropriate people there to support you loading the bar. Make sure to respect social distancing and the local health regulations when doing so. 

·       The barbell will be considered loaded as soon as a number is declared to the marshal. In practical terms, your clock will start running as soon as you declare your next attempt and the speaker announces you. There is no time allotted to load your bar.

·       Remember that there are no down signals. The athlete is responsible to show control of the lift and lower the barbell to the platform according to the modified rules below.

Medals will be awarded for the Snatch, Clean & Jerk and Total in the Open, Masters and Youth divisions.

Are there any rule changes for this event?

A.             Yes. You can check them all here.

Looking at the schedule, when will the first lift from my session will actually happen?

A.             The first lift of a session will happen FIVE MINUTES after the scheduled time. The first lift of a session scheduled to 10.00am will happen then at 10.05am

Do I need to have at least two pairs of 25kgs to participate in the event?

A.             If you plan to lift equal or above 120kg (W) or 125kg (M) then yes. For this event, the barbell needs to be loaded according to the IWF TCRR at all times. The official loading chart can be found on page 52 of this document.

Do I need to have a 4x4m platform to compete?

A.             Ideally yes. A space SMALLER than 4x4m will also be acceptable. Please make sure that this space is unobstructed and non-branded.

Will the results in this competition count towards qualification for international teams?

A.             Please see our selection procedures for more information.

Am I able to break a National record in this competition?

A.             No.

What do info if the referees ask me to verify the weight on my bar?

A.             Following the attempt an athlete MAY be asked to verify the weight on the bar. If the athlete is requested to check the weight on the bar, he or she must turn the bar to a 45° angle to the camera, thereby giving the officials an opportunity to verify the weight on the bar. If it is observed that the bar is loaded incorrectly, then the modifications to regulation 7.5 apply.

With no down signal, How long do I have to stand still before I put the bar down? 

A.             The athlete at his/her own discretion decides if the lift is complete according to the rule. Then the athlete lowers the barbell in front of the body releasing his/her grip on the barbell only after it has passed the level of the shoulders. For more information on that, check the modified rules for this online event.