Q – How do I find out where everything is over the weekend?
A – Go to the What, Where and When section of this event site.

– Is the schedule a final schedule?
– No, you need to check the schedule after the Technical Conference, the final schedule will be posted here approximately 10pm on the Thursday evening of the event you are attending.

Q – Is my session guaranteed?
A – No, since people may change entry totals between the close of registrations and the verification of final entries meeting, changing your total to be in a different session does not necessarily guarantee being in that session. Please check the final start list and schedule at the close of entries to confirm your session allocation. 

Q – Can I change my entry total?
– Yes, you can name any number between the minimum total for the class, and the best you have ever made in competition as your entry total.

Q – What are the meetings on Thursday and are they mandatory?
A – These meetings are recommended by not mandatory. Here are the meetings:

Verification of Final Entries Meeting – Last chance to change weight class, withdraw or change your entry total.

New Athlete Seminar – An experienced coach and athlete will give you the benefit of their experience coaching and competing in national events. Including what to expect, what is different to a local meet, and a general guide to the weekend ahead.

USADA Seminar – The education team at USADA will give you an overview of latest developments in drug testing policy, and answer any questions you might have on Anti-Doping.

Technical Conference – The final schedule and start list are made available at the Technical Conference, and all information for the weekend is reviewed in brief.

– Who can be in the back room with me?
A – You will receive 3 warm up room passes at the weigh in, these are the only people permitted in the warm up area during your session. You will also receive a session pass for your session. You are permitted to enter the warm up area 15 minutes before the scheduled start of your session. 

– Can I drop to a lower weightclass or move to a higher weightclass?
A – Yes, you may move to a lower class or higher class provided you have met the qualifying total for that class. For example, a 53kg athlete who has qualified with a total at 53kg that is above the 58kg minimum total may move to either the 48kg class or 58kg class.

– When can I pick up my credential?
A – Credential pick up begins at 2pm on the Thursday of the National Event, and continues throughout the weekend. 

Q – When can I train on site?
A – The on-site training hall is open at 2pm on Thursday. See What, Where and When to see if there is an off-site training option at this event.

Q – Can my coach or teammates train on-site?
A – No, the training hall at National events is for participants in that event only. Those wishing to train whilst they are in town for the event should contact an accredited USA Weightlifting club in the area.

Q – When can I use the check scale?
A – Check scale opens at 2pm on Thursday and will be open 24 hours throughout the event.  This is because the scales are calibrated at each event, and this is completed by 2pm.

– Who needs to buy a ticket for the event?
– Anyone who is not an athlete or a named event coach needs to purchase a ticket. This can be done online in advance, priced $10 per day or $25 for the weekend. Athletes do not need to buy a ticket for the days they are not lifting.