The Holiday Season Open 06-15-12

Garden City, New York

Dec. 13, 2015 4:01 p.m. (ET)

Contact: Chris Smith
Phone: 516-317-3436
Location: Professional Athletic Performance Center
              645 Stewart Avenue
               Garden City, NY  11530
Sanction Number: 06-15-12
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2015 Holiday Season open

Men’s and Woman’s Weightlifting Competition

Sanctioned and conducted by the Metropolitan Local Weightlifting Committee of the U.S.A. Weightlifting Federation

Date:    Dec.13, 2015 (Sunday)

Place:   645 Stewart Ave 

                 Garden City, N.Y. 11530

Sanction # 06-15-12

Categories                                                      Weigh-Ins                  Competition

Men 56, 62, 69, 77                                           9:00 am                      11:00 am                                                              Men 85,94, 105, +105                                                     12.00 am                     2:00 pm

Females                                                                 2.30 pm                                        4.30pm

Weigh in times will be modified due to the numbers of entries. PLEASE CHECK YOUR E-MAIL starting after the entry deadline (Dec.  9, 2015) for the competition for any changes in times. This is done so we can provide the best experience to the lifter and so the meet can run in a more timely matter. All local meets run over and that is to be expected but we would like to keep that to a minimum. Lots for all weight classes will be drawn at 9:00AM. PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL!


All athletes must be currently registered with the USAW.


Competition is conducted under USAW rules. Athletes must present USAW membership cards at the weigh-in. If you are not currently a member of the USAW, you must register prior to the day of the meet, it must be done online.  (Minors under 18 may only register with a parent’s or guardian’s signature on USAW application).


Awards will be given to the first three place winners in each men’s and female weight class. Outstanding lifter award will go to the best male and female athlete competing,   

There will also be a team award given, men and women combined.

Entry Fee:

$60.00 for masters, seniors, and junior lifters (Entry must be received before Dec.  8, 2015).  Late entries will be accepted if room permits.  The Met LWC will take the first 60 lifters.  It is important to get the entry in as early as possible because many entries are received at the deadline and this could lead us to turn many of you away due to the first come first serve system. If the meet exceeds 60 lifters because demand of lifter is high, an additional platform may be added so the meet would run faster. Please make a check out to Chris Smith and send the entry to 111 Division Avenue, Levittown, N.Y. 11756.  


If you have any questions please contact Christopher Smith at (516) 317-3436 or e-mail  at

Please TYPE the following information. It is ESSENTIAL that your email is legible

Name: _______________________________________________________

Address: ­­­­­­­­­_____________________________________________________

Club Affiliation: _______________________________________________

Bodyweight Class: _____________________________________________

USA Weightlifting #:___________________________________________

Date of Birth: _________________________________________________

Championship Entering (Men or Women): __________________________

Best Total (In Last 12 Months): ___________________________________

E-Mail Address: _______________________________________________

Phone #   _____________________________________________________

Request and Release:

            I, the undersigned, hereby request permission to enter the premises of Professional Athletic Performance Center, at 645 Stewart avenue, Garden City New York 11530, and to participate in the weightlifting competition(s) to be held there on Sunday, Dec. . 13, 2015. I have inspected the premises and I know the substantial risks and dangers involved in the said activities, and that unanticipated and unexpected dangers may arise during such activities. I assume all risks of injury to my person and property that may be sustained in connection withheld stated and associated activities in and about the premises and in traveling to and from the said premises and activities.

            In consideration of the permission granted to me to enter the premises and participate in the stated activities, I do hereby, for myself, my heirs, administrators and assign, release, remise and discharge the Metropolitan Local Weightlifting Committee of the USAW and the individual member thereof, the Professional Athletic Performance Center, owners, operators, sponsors and sanctioners of said premises, of the activities and causes of in said premises and participation in the stated activities, regardless of who is at fault or whose negligence caused such a loss or injury, even if the loss or injury is caused by the fault or negligence of the Metropolitan Local Weightlifting Committee of the USAW and the individual members thereof, or any other of the parties mentioned herein as being released. 

I represent and certify that my true date of birth is stated below, and if I am not, in any way, the employee, servant, or agent of the owners, operators, sponsors or sanctioners of the premises and/ or activities therein. I further agree that I have reviewed, understand and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of this program.


Signature: ___________________________________________Date: _______________


Signature of Parent/Guardian: _____________________________ Date: _____________