Frequently Asked Questions

For Participants/Parents

Why Weightlifting?
We think Weightlifting is a terrific, inclusive sport for athletes of any discipline. Not only can it build confidence, it can build the strength needed to succeed in other sports. Our pride program is an opportunity for people to try out our sport, for free, with no obligation to join.

Is Weightlifting Safe?
Olympic Weightlifting is one of the safest sports for youth athletes. According to the Journal of Strength Conditioning in Research, Olympic Weightlifting was at the bottom of the list of Sport Injuries. Track & field, Cheerleading, Basketball and Soccer saw more injuries than Olympic Weightlifting in their study. Furthermore, a benefit of this event happening in USA Weightlifting Sanctioned Clubs is that new athletes will be coached by experts of our sport. 

For Clubs
Do I need to provide training or programming to participate?
No. If you choose to open your doors during a Pride event, terrific! But just listing your club as an Ally to the LGTB+ community is great. 

Do I need to purchase additional insurance?
No. Typically your club insurance only covers USA Weightlifting members in your club. However, we have made arrangements with our insurance provider to cover athletes trying Weightlifting in your gym during this program.

What do I need to provide the National Office?
After the event, our insurance provider requires a list of participants in the pride program. A form will be provided to fill out soon on the event's Club Page.

How do I get the word out?
Head over to our Club Page to download marketing materials including flyers and social media images. Keep checking as we add more materials for you to use! 


If you have any questions, please contact the USA Weightlifting National Office at