Starting a Club

What are the requirements to start a new USAW Club?
To start a new USAW club the Director, Coach and any other Club Administrators must be current USAW members. There must be at least one USA Weightlifting Coach (a Sports Performance Coach who has had a background check). Also, all participating members in the club need to be USAW members in order to lift at USAW sanctioned events.
What are the steps to becoming a club?
Register a Club in Webpoint (the membership system). 
How long does the process take once I’ve turned in my USAW club application?
Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing. 
Do you have to be a USAW certified coach to start a club?
Yes, there must be at least one USA Weightlifting certified coach (Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach or higher) with an active background screening to start a club.


Is there a waiting period before I can host meet at my USAW club?
There is no waiting period before you can host an event once you're an official USAW club. It is advised that you consult your LWC president on how to effectively run a USAW sanctioned weightlifting meet.
What type of insurance do I get as a USAW club owner? What exactly does it cover?
Click here to see an overview of the General Liability Insurance that USAW clubs receive.
Reminder: All USAW athletes are covered under Sport Accident Insurance.
Do all the athletes in my gym need to be members to receive the benefits of my USAW club insurance when lifting with me?
Yes, only athletes who are USAW members will be protected under a club’s insurance and also their own Sport Accident Insurance that they receive upon registering with USAW. The General Liability Insurance is primarily for the club’s use, not the athlete’s.
Is there paper work that I need to send in to USAW or the insurance company to make sure I am covered?
No, your club will automatically be covered once it has been registered with USAW.


What are the benefits of competing as a USAW club at national events versus sending athletes to lift with either a coach or unattached?
When your athletes register and compete as a team at a national event, they can qualify for team points and receive team awards for that specific event.
Are there any discounts or benefits as a USAW club owner?
Yes, as a USAW club owner you receive all the benefits listed here which include: general liability insurance, USAW coaching course hosting rebates, USAW patches and stickers, and growth incentives.

Club Affiliation

How do I change my club affiliation or add one to my member account?
Please log into your membership profile and under the Member Area, click Change Club Affiliation.
Can I be attached to one club but own a different club?
Yes, you can be an "athlete" and attached to one club and still be the owner of another club.

Club Renewal

How do I renew my club membership?
Any Club Admin can renew the club.