2020 International Try Weightlifting Day

Join clubs all over the world in opening your doors to new lifters!

Weightlifting gyms all over the world will be welcoming new athletes on Saturday April 11, 2020. If you've ever considered trying the Olympic lifts, now is your chance! Just drop in to any participating gym to learn the basics. Learn to compete in weightlifting meets, or use the movements to enhance your sports performance! 

Club owners interested in hosting- CLICK HERE to enroll

Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting

The top 10 reasons weightlifting will change your life! Not just your fitness level and appearance- your confidence and motivation outside the gym will soar!

Participating locations

Click here to find a gym near you that's participating in International Try Weightlifting Day 2020. Stop by on April 11th to learn you way around a barbell and give the Olympic lifts a try!