Local Weightlifting Committees




Athlete's Advisory Council

Coaching, Education and Program Committee - through May 31, 2022

Mike McKenna Elected May, 2018
David Spitz Elected May, 2018

Travis Cooper, Athlete Rep

Elected August, 2018

Bridget Raach

Elected May, 2018

Bob Takano

Elected May, 2018

Competition Committee - through May 31, 2022

Joaquin Chavez

Elected May, 2018

Corinne Grotenhuis Elected May, 2018

Bobby Sirkis

Elected May, 2018

Mike McKenna

Elected May, 2018

Travis Cooper, Athlete Rep.

Elected May, 2018
Audit Committee 
Cortney Batchelor, Athlete Rep.
Paula Aranda
Nick Maietta

 Ethics Committee 

Rachel Crass Wood, Athlete Rep.
Michael Cooley
Paul Zikmund
Suzanne Milton
Kerstin LeMaire

Judicial Committee 

Michael Sherwin


Clark Rachfal  
David Montoya  
Paul Apicella  
Holley Mangold, Athlete Rep.  

Nominating Governance Committee 

CJ Stockel


Aimee Rice   

Kelly Rexroad Williams, Athlete Rep.

Robert Sirkis, Chair  
Mark House  


Compensation Committee 

Travis Cooper, Athlete Rep.  

Ursula Garza Papandrea

Nick Maietta
Diversity & Inclusion Committee
Anna Martin
David Benson  
John McGovern  
Sally Van de Water  
USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame Committee
Artie Drechsler 
Robin Goad
Rich Schutz
Jim Schmitz
Travis Cooper, Athlete Rep.
Marketing Commission 
Lou Lauria, Chair
Chester Wheeler
Kate Vibert, Athlete Rep.
Lilla Rozgonyi
Mandi Roberts

Ad Hoc Committees


Technical Committee

Jim Schmitz  
Les Simonton

Joe Triolo 

Corinne Grotenhuis

Holley Mangold, Athlete Rep.  





Youth Committee

Anna Martin  
Giuseppe "Joe" Micela
Jimmy Duke
Stan Luttrell
Caleb Williams, Athlete Rep.  
LWC Presidents Advisory Council  
Sean Waxman Chair
Chris Smith  
Guy Hornsby  
Butch Curry  
Rachel Crass, Athlete Rep.  
Sports Medicine Committee Elected 2017
Dr. Mark Lavallee, MD (Chair)  
Dr. Kendra Kemmet, MD  
Dr. Mike Messmer, DO  
James Tatum, MT (Athlete Rep)  
Mike Walters, LMT  
Fundraising Committee  
Martine Lellis   
Mark House  
Lauren Weirauch  
Carolyn Hays
Rachel Crass Wood (Athlete Rep)  
Finance Committee  
Peter Wollman, CPA  
Dan Torpey, CPA  
Martine Lellis, CPA  
Sam Maxwell, CFA  
Matt Bruce, Athlete Rep.