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Kevin Doherty


Kevin has coached Olympic Weightlifting as a certified coach for 20 years at two different high schools. Kevin Doherty hold a BA from University of Califirnia DAVIS in French and Economics. He followed up with a teaching credential from San Francisco State in Physical Education, French, Economics and Health.  Kevin currently is in his 17th year at Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco which houses the Hassle Free BBC Headquarters. ALHS has two Olympic Weightlifting classes taught by Coach Doherty along with an open permit from 3-9pm Monday thru Friday open to any USAW members to train.

Coach Doherty has helped produce 4 Senior World Championship athletes out of the high school and has had lifters in the 2011-2019 Youth World, Junior World and Senior World teams.

His coaching highlight outside of Chioma Amaechi's, David Garcia's, Dangelo Osorio's and Kuinini Manumua's World Championship appearances has to be coaching Jenny Arthur at the 2015,2017,2018 Worlds and the 2016 Olymics!

Please feel free to forward any questions to him at k_p_doherty@yahoo.com or 4152904907 

Outreach Programs:


Our outreach program consists of three main tools; we use the PE platform as well as the coaching platform from the high school itself to expose 300 kids a year to weightlifting. Members of the Football and track team along with the YMCA program and 90 PE students participate weekly. We also have obtained a community use permit from San Francisco Unified School District so that anyone with a USAW membership can come and train for free from 3-9pm on school days.

Our community use permit began when some of our older lifters transitioned out of high school and into college and created a need for a formal structure for adults to train for different events. Our agreement with the school pushed us to get a permit with the district and we were then able to accept anyone interested in Weightlifting.

We followed some easy steps:

Become a volunteer/coach at the school

Create a weightlifting club with an Associated Student Body account

Permit the use of non-school personnel

Partner with the YMCA and as many sports teams possible to increase the amount of kids you can try and teach and push to compete.

Permit the use of the facility for a weightlifting meet 

Why should you Weightlift?

The benefits extend beyond the competition platforms, our weightlifters benefit academically, socially and emotionally from their daily battle with the bar. The biggest challenge we have faced is some pushback from the school on how we get the community involved with our permit and also the constant fight to preserve and expand Physical education in and outside of weightlifting.