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Head Coach and Director of Operations:

Michael Conroy


Upon his retirement from teaching high school biology for 35 years in 2012 Conroy became the USA Weightlifting Director of Coaching Education, a position he held until January of 2018. During his tenure the Coaching Education Program achieved an unprecedented level of success that continues today.


Conroy began his weightlifting career with his athlete membership in 1982. He started both the Idaho LWC and Idaho WLC in 1983. He became a Club Coach in 1988, a National Coach in 1993. In 1995 he became an International Coach, a National Referee and a Lead Instructor in the Coaching Education Program. He received his IWF Category 2 Technical Official Credential in 2019.

He has produced medal winning athletes at every level of National Championships provided by USA Weightlifting. He began his association with USAW at the national and international level in 1991 and has been involved with a myriad of programs with USAW including the National Junior Squad, The former U.S. Resident Program, Cirque du Soleil, International Competitions and as a Competition Manager.

“Everyone can make a contribution to USA Weightlifting and I have been blessed beyond all measure for the opportunities provided to me by USAW. I hope to be able to continue my role in assisting in the development of confident, competent and effective coaches, athletes and officials.”

Conroy received his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from Boise State University (1975) where he lettered in football and his Master’s Degree from the University of Idaho (1976).


Club Information:


Opening in June of 2018 Crown Barbell enters its third year under the leadership of owner, Kevin Burke. Burke’s vision for Crown was that we create an environment where, whatever an individual’s ability, age, gender, or experience is we can create specific programs that allow for them to attain their goals.


We have an environment that is very much Athlete Centered.  We strive to meet our athlete’s expectations in a way that is positive, supportive, caring and objective. We believe that we can create an atmosphere where the challenge of athletic improvement is both rewarding and enjoyable.


The main reason to become a weightlifter is because you enjoy it. We want to maintain that enjoyment as we strive for improvement. We don’t endure our training, we embrace it. Coaches and athletes are activity engaged in their training and we include them when assessing their programs.


While we encourage competition participation we are true believers in the train more Compete Less approach to stepping onto the competition platform. We promote, at every opportunity, the USA Weightlifting philosophy to Training, Safe Sport, USADA, Athlete Development (ADM) and Coaching Ethics.


Our weightlifting team has expanded to include youth, junior, U-25, Collegiate, Open Division and Master Lifters. We are improving our presence at the national championships for each of these levels. We have upgraded both our indoor, adding a changing room with shower facilities, for both males and female, and outdoor, paving and landscaping the parking lot and outdoor training areas. 


Our Coaching Staff of 6 USAW certified coaches have improved their coaches rating to where we have 1 International, 1 National, 2 Level 2 and 2 Level 1 Coaches. Our goal for 2021 is for one of our Level 2 coaches to attain their National Coach Rating. Our coaches are also Officials with 1 IWF Category 2 Technical Official, 1 National Official and 4 LWC officials.


We look forward to a successful 2021.


Outreach Programs: 


The Community Outreach Program at Crown Barbell with consist of 3 Categories, each with 2 strands:

Category 1:School Outreach. In this category the Community Site will contact the local Middle and High schools, both public and private about The Weightlifting Strand and the Sports Performance Strand. The Weightlifting Strand is about the opportunities provided by participating in the sport of weightlifting, while the Sports Performance Strand is the proper usage of the weightlifting movements to assist an athlete in their chosen sport. The Sport Performance Strand expands to include the USAW’s Transition Program that assists athletes in other sports, who wish to stay competitive in finding their way into weightlifting when their sports career comes to end, for whatever reason.

Category 2: Athletic Organizations. In this category the Community Site will contact the various Sports Organizations in the area that support youth activities and present them with the same two opportunities.

Category 3: Individuals In this category interested individuals may participate in either a scheduled Open Training Session or as a Drop In to Crown Barbell.

The, initial, outreach session will be in line with the USAW’s Try Weightlifting for a Day format.

Once schools, organizations or individuals have accepted and scheduled a date a ‘half-day’ of training will occur. This training day will include both lecture and practical training sessions broken up into time frames of 30 to 45 minutes to maximize participant engagement.  The USA Weightlifting Top/Down Teaching Progressions for the Snatch, Clean and Jerk will be presented. Upon completion of the training day participants will receive a follow up contact to discuss moving forward with their training opportunities.

Crown provides a series of membership options so that participants may select the one that best fits their individual or group situation.