Bluewave Weightlifting


2816 Shamrock Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76109


Chris Lofland - Head Coach /  Owner


Instagram: @c_lofland


Chris Lofland is an ex-gymnast and diver who found weightlifting while coaching gymnastics in 2009 when Coach CJ Del Balso approached him and suggested he might be good at it.  He competed for a few years at the national level but quickly transitioned into coaching. Chris has now been coaching for close to a decade with experience ranging from Youth to Masters and Beginners to International. He opened up his own Club, BlueWave Weightlifting, in 2015 and in 4 short years grew to one of the largest programs in Texas. 


Chris’ goals in weightlifting are to engage as many people into the sport as possible, not only for the sake of finding new talent but to show the benefits of implementing weightlifting into individuals’ physical training regimen. In doing so Chris has taken his passion outside of BlueWave and is now setting up training sites at local colleges and schools. Chris’ next venture is to tap back into his past and bring weightlifting into the gymnastics, cheer and acrobatics world. 


Chris is currently on the North Texas Board of Directors and is a National Level Coach. Chris coaches athletes towards success in their own sports using snatch and clean & jerk or to progress in the sport of weightlifting. He has now coached athletes into medalling at Youth Nationals, University Nationals, American Open, Nationals and International (Mediterranean Cup). Chris and his team are coaching 75+ athletes face to face and growing each month.  


Chris spends his free time with his wife and 5 dogs. Chris’ hobbies include playing guitar, volleyball, traveling, social activities with friends and club members, and spending time with his wife.


BlueWave Weightlifting Club was founded by Chris Lofland in 2015 when he opened up BlueWave Fitness. Chris had been training a few athletes and wanted to have a place for them to lift while he got his strength and conditioning program up and running. BlueWave started out in a 1500sq ft building with just a few athletes with a few platforms along a back wall while Chris taught fitness classes and kept an eye on his lifters while they trained. 


Within the first year the weightlifting club, initially set up as a side project, was growing as quickly as the fitness classes. So BlueWave moved and expanded into a 3000 square foot building to accommodate the growth. Once BlueWave was in this space both programs began to grow however, the weightlifting was growing faster. At this point, Chris decided to commit all of his time into the weightlifting program. BlueWave pushed all of their fitness programs online and went 100% weightlifting. BlueWave moved once again to a friend of our facility (enduraLAB) so that more space could be acquired and so Chris could now focus exclusively on weightlifting and concentrate on his lifters. 


BlueWave has grown from 3 to 75+ athletes in 4 years. BlueWave now hosts 3 weightlifting meets a year and a minimum of 1 USAW Coaches Course each year. BlueWave has been State Champions, medalled at Youth Nationals, American Open, Nationals, Masters Nationals, Masters Worlds and Senior International. 


BlueWave is now working to grow outside of the gym and has begun developing programs in colleges, schools, and other sports. BlueWave currently works closely with UTD, TCU and the local Navy base on building and implementing weightlifting into their facilities.

Outreach programs:

UTD Weightlifting Club

Instagram: @utd_weightlifting


Kevin Kwon - President


TCU Barbell Club

Liam Gibbs - President



Local Navy Base - Weightlifting Program


James W. Nelson Jr M.Ed. - US Navy MWR Fitness Coordinator