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DIESEL Weightlifting Club

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Website: www.dieselstrengthandconditioning.com  

Website: www.dieselweightlifting.com

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Alison Cosentino – co-owner/coach

  • Founder Strength Nation - a 501c3

  • Co-owner / Director DIESEL Strength & Conditioning

  • Currently attending University for ASL/English Interpreter Degree

  • USA Weightlifting Level 2 Coach

  • USA Weightlifting National Level Coach

  • USA Weightlifting National Referee

  • USAW International Team Leader - Taipei 2017

Ali is a strong advocate for youth in sports. In 2013, through efforts to create tangible athletic development opportunities for all kids she founded a charitable organization called Strength Nation. Ali’s goal was to remove the socioeconomic barriers that prevent many underprivileged children from becoming involved in sports. She built teams of volunteer coaches and college interns who contribute to the kids’ development.

Since 2015 Ali has directed the accredited Internship program with the University of North Florida. She works with the University’s Exercise Physiology department to develop intern training based on each student’s individual professional goals. 

Her pursuit to raise awareness of the benefits of weightlifting and gain more youth involvement has brought Ali in to the local high schools. In Florida, Girls Weightlifting is a varsity sport and Ali assists at the schools working with the girls and their coaches during the varsity season.

In 2017, Ali received the honor of USAW Team Leader accompanying the USAW University Team to the World University Games in Taipei, Chinese Taipei.

After recently returning to University to get her degree and become an interpreter for American Sign Language, Ali started the UNF Weightlifting Club. Since the university does not offer the resources necessary for a weightlifting club, they train off campus at Ali’s facility alongside DIESEL Weightlifting Team.

Ali loves traveling with the DIESEL Weightlifting Team, coaching at competitions, and in any spare time she can find at competitions, you’ll likely see her as part of the technical official staff.


Greg Cosentino – co-owner/coach

  • Masters Exercise Physiology

  • BS Exercise Science, Athletic Training Minor

  • ACE, AFAA ADV Trainer, IFPA, CPT

  • USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach

  • Strength & Conditioning Coach, CSCS

  • Co-owner DIESEL Strength & Conditioning

Greg is a Professor in Exercise Science & Ex Physiology at the University of North Florida. He is passionate about developing young professionals with an academic pursuit in physical therapy, physician’s assistance, sports management, exercise physiology and private training. In his program, he has been given the autonomy to develop & teach non-traditional labs such as:

  • Olympic Weightlifting and it’s benefits as it pertains to other sports and 

  • Exercise Programming for general fitness, athletes in season and off season and weightlifters.

In 2015, UNF began utilizing Greg’s privately owned athlete development facility, DIESEL Strength & Conditioning, as an accredited internship program site for student interns. Students in the program are exposed to real-world scenarios, gaining hands on experience working with athletes of every age and skill level. Interns have the unique opportunity to work in the field with athletes of any sport as well as with competitive weightlifters and aspiring youth. Greg also utilizes the internship program as an opportunity to teach practical programming for all of the club’s exercise programs: general fitness, strength & conditioning, weightlifting and each sport specific athlete that attends DIESEL. 

Greg is the student advisor for the newly formed UNF Weightlifting Club and spends every Saturday in his facility with DIESEL weightlifting team and students with an interest to learn the sport of weightlifting.


About the club:

DIESEL Weightlifting Club was established in 2011 when Coach Ali realized that her oldest son, then 12 years old, had great weightlifting potential.


A youth weightlifting team began to form organically when her younger son and even younger daughter also began weightlifting with their older brother and demonstrated exceptional weightlifting abilities as well. Other young children in her already established fitness business showed an interest in learning to weightlift and within her first year she had a competitive youth team and 4 Nationally qualified youth. Her two sons earned invitations to the USAW Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and her oldest competed on a USA International Youth Team in Lima, Peru.


Established in the fitness industry since 1988, Ali decided it was time to pivot away from a traditional fitness focused business and lean in to weightlifting and athlete development.


DIESEL Weightlifting Club became home to many High School Girls Varsity Weightlifters and most recently the University of North Florida Weightlifting Club. The newly formed college club has grown from 6 to 30+ members in one short semester.  Ali’s goal is to earn a place for the club on campus, evolve it in to an official University sport and one day host a sanctioned University meet.

Today, DIESEL Weightlifting Club is home to Youth, Junior, Senior and Masters competitive weightlifters, State and National Champions. The original youth team is still intact and has grown in to Nationally ranked Juniors and Seniors.

Outreach programs:

Strength Nation 501c3:

Founder, Ali Cosentino saw a need to remove socioeconomic barriers that prevent many underprivileged children from participating in sports. Strength Nation empowers any local youth with an interest in advancing athletically to participate for free. A team of professional, volunteer coaches donate their time & expertise to strength training athletes, teaching the sport of weightlifting and guiding them along a path for college sport recruitment. The goal is to create opportunity for all youth.

Lifting Weights & Lifting Spirits:

Quarterly events which include:

  • DIESEL Weightlifting Team Car Wash hosted at sponsored locations

  • PR Parties that invite all community members to test their athletic abilities in a combine format

  • Summer Sport Camps - fully funded opportunities for local underprivileged youth to participate in summer prep for the next school year sport season.

High School Girls Weightlifting: guest speaker & guest coach

At the beginning of Varsity Sports Seasons, we are present and speak at the student/parent information meetings for multiple varsity sports. We provide information about how a weightlifting program can complement and reinforce positive sport development. Ali Cosentino is the guest coach and she brings one of her high school graduate female team members who participated in Varsity Girls Weightlifting as a guest speaker to talk about her experiences and the positive impacts, both physical and psychological, that weightlifting had on her high school career and after.

The team member gets to share her achievements (then and now) and she answers questions from both the students and the parents. This unique opportunity creates a trusting relationship for everyone while reinforcing the positive impacts enabled by weightlifting. Everyone, including DIESEL’S team members, leave feeling empowered and inspired. The team members naturally relate and connect to the younger girls and the parents witness the transformation.

American Sign Language Communication:

DIESEL is located in a highly populated deaf community which has inspired owner, Ali Cosentino, to obtain her ASL Interpreter Degree. In the meantime, her entire family (who also coach and/or compete) has completed 2 years of ASL and can competently communicate with the deaf community. DIESEL is a unique, welcoming environment that allows opportunities for Deaf/Hard of hearing people to work out, learn the sport of weightlifting and receive an athletic advantage. 

Local Parks & Recreation Outreach:

The first sports camp was borne out of an impromptu meeting that Ali created when she walked in to the Carver Center Parks & Rec building in an underserved area of Jacksonville. By simply asking: “Can we offer a weightlifting program to your community?” DIESEL was able to work with more than 30 local school-age kids and inadvertently discovered the need for 3 of them to improve in their sport and be accepted for college scholarships. Those 3 seniors received their football scholarship opportunities and one more was recruited. This was the beginning of Ali’s journey to build relationships with college recruiters/coaches and create opportunities for overlooked and underfunded youth athletes.