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Head Coach:

Ryan Marciniszyn



Ryan is the owner, founder, and head weightlifting and strength coach of West Chester Weightlifting in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Ryan has been active in coaching weightlifting and other athletes across a variety of sports for the past six years. During his extensive coaching career, Ryan has worked closely with not only CrossFit athletes, but High School and College Athletes, and has coached individuals in both the national and international level in Weightlifting. He has coached over twenty athletes that are at the national level and has brought various individuals to the international stage. Recently, Ryan has turned his love for weightlifting and coaching into a successful stand-alone Training Center conveniently located outside of Philadelphia. Ryan opened his new facility to house his brand, West Chester Weightlifting, in 2018, which is the first sole weightlifting facility in local area that is home to over 60 athletes. Besides coaching at his facility, Ryan does remote coaching and individualized programming for people all across the country.


Personally, Ryan previously was a competitive weightlifter in the 62kg class. Ryan still actively practices what he coaches as he lifts alongside his team. Ryan earned an undergraduate degree from West Chester University (2008) and a masters degree from Penn State University (2010). Ryan is very active in sharing his knowledge and expertise with others whether its those interested in improving there weightlifting technique or individuals who are looking to improve their coaching skills by teaching USAW Level One Courses and hosting various workshops throughout the year.


Ryan is very active in expanding and impacting the community. He hosts strength seminars for local high school sports teams and Crossfit gyms in the area. In addition, he works closely with West Chester University to develop collegiate athlete’s skills  as the alumni adviser for the WCU Barbell Club. Lastly, Ryan focuses on developing youth athleticism through one on one and group youth sessions to foster the next generation of athletes, safely.


Club Information:


West Chester Weightlifting is a non-profit Olympic weightlifting team located in Chester County, PA founded by Ryan Marciniszyn. Established in 2016, WCWL has grown to be home to over 60 local athletes and is a home base for others across the country. Starting from humble beginnings in a local Crossfit Box, WCWL has grown in numbers and influence in the area. Now, WCWL has opened its own fully equipped, stand alone weightlifting training center that focuses solely on weightlifting with top of the line equipment and coaching. In addition, we are an official USA Weightlifting Training Site.


WCWL’s mission focuses on fostering and developing athletes to perform at their best and strive to develop athletes across all ages and levels.We have athletes ranging from as young as 13 to 50+. We emphasize the fact that weightlifting is truely for everyone, and strive foster our athletes in a safe and fun environment while pushing them to achieve their individualized goals.


We provide individuals at all levels with the opportunity to improve their proficiency in the sport of weightlifting or help those interested in learning through state of the art coaching, team and individualized programming, community events and seminars, as well as all day access to the facility. Through our mission in developing athleticism, we focus on the process of learning and competing in the sport of weightlifting. In return, athletes acquire essential skills and traits that make them excellent athletes and people such as:confidence, teamwork, self-discipline, goal setting, performance under pressure and perseverance in an encouraging team setting.


WCWL has a top notch facility with all of the equipment necessary to create champion weightlifters. From Eleiko Platforms, Bumpers, and Bars to Padded Plyometric Boxes. WCWL has more the equipment any athlete could ask for. Additionally the club is temperature controlled and has for the hot summer months. The club does not hold any Crossfit or Group Fitness Classes which can often be distracting to weightlifters. In addition, WCWL has flexible membership options to accommodate athletes near and far and at various price points that are accommodating to everyone's schedule and budget.


WCWL expects to continuously expand within the community.


Outreach Programs: 


Alumni Advisor to the WCU Barbell (2017- current)

Ryan M is the Alumni advisor and WC WL is the home to the WCU Barbell club (Fall 2018). The West Chester University barbell club is a collection of students interested in learning or developing their weightlifting skills in a safe and fun environment. As the home of the WCU barbell club and advisor, WC WL deeply focuses on developing collegiate athletes at all levels in Weightlifting by teaching the fundamentals of the snatch, and c&J to novice and experienced collegiate students. In addition, WC WL provides specific training times for WCU Barbell to focus on establishing fundamental technique and offers state of the art coaching in a fully equipped facility. In addition to coaching, specific programing and movement assessment is provided as well.


Bring a friend Day (Month) (September 2018, Dec/Jan 2019)
WCWL encouraged all members to bring friends during the month of September 2018 and January 2019, either who have previous Olympic Weight lifting experience or introduce friends new to Weight Lifting. Each friend was allowed to come two days anytime in the month during coaching hours. Each new person was instructed on the basics of the clean and jerk and/or the snatch. In addition, all friends received free coaching and technique assessment, in addition strength and power assessment during a lifting session in conjunction with an individualised day program. All friends are encouraged to join the WC WL family.

Downingtown West HS Wrestling Seminar (Summer 2018)

Hosted a strength and conditioning seminar for the Downingtown West High School Wrestling Team. The primary focus was on teaching adolescents how to train and recover properly in season and out of season in order to maximize their athletic performance, while prioritizing health and safety. WC WL was able to positively impact the community by developing youth athleticism and promoting safety for wrestlers in the local community.  


Youth Programs (on going)

WCWL takes pride in fostering athleticism in youths and adolescents in a safe environment. Recent studies suggest that youths can perform resistance training as long as their safety is prioritized and a program is tailored to their level of development and skill. Resistance training is critical in fostering Long Term Athletic Development, increases muscular strength, endurance, power production in addition to enhancing coordination and motor skills, reducing the incidence of injury and has positive psychological effects on youths.


WCWL teaches youths the fundamentals of Olympic weightlifting in a safe and fun environment  in order to develop future athletic ability and performance. We offer individualized and group sessions to develope our youths.


In addition to specific youth training programs and coaching, WC WL hosts developmental meets to encourage personal growth and confidence of novice youth lifters in the competitive sphere.

WL 101 Series (ongoing)
WC WL annually hosts a 4-part series that introduced the fundamental movements of Olympic weightlifting, and included information on programming, and competition logistics (competing and hosting). Each series focused on covering the fundamentals of the snatch, or clean and Jerk mechanics and technique. Each series included a classroom portion to dive into the fundamentals of each movements paired with hands on teaching, assessment and execution of each of the lifts. The series also included generalized warm ups pertaining to the snatch or Clean and Jerk, establishing and identifying movement techniques, and accessory exercises to enhance personal knowledge and coaching knowledge. This series was a great opportunity for lifters and coaches alike to improve their working knowledge and improve their technique in the snatch or clean and jerk for themselves and for their clients.