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Tony Pica


Life has a funny way of sending you down paths you never expected. My careers as a personal trainer and eventually a strength and conditioning coach and now a Weightlifting coach have begun abruptly and without plan. Starting in Powerlifting at the age of 12, I never saw strength training as more than a hobby. While I worked the front desk at a local gym to pay my way through college, I was approached by the gym owner to take over the reigns as personal trainer, a the person formerly filling that role had just quit without notice. I felt under prepared but the owners of the gym insisted I “knew what I was doing.”

As time went on I realized my real passions were in competitive strength sports and focused my career on working with athletes. Acknowledging that the snatch and clean & jerk were essential tools for developing athletic ability, I began to search for a coach. Soon myself and a dozen of my clients were all traveling to meet with the nearest Weightlifting coach. After spending a year training at this particular facility and seeing little to no results, my clients pressed me to take over the role as their Weightlifting coach. Before long I was fielding teams of 10+ athletes at meets, and realized that I needed to double down on my education as an athlete and a coach.

I was fortunate enough to befriend a former national champion from central America who would drive 4 hours round trip to train with me and teach me all that he had learned working with some of the best coaches and athletes in the world.  The learning curve was steep, but the hard work paid off and the results speak for themselves. Now I’m proud to say I’m one of the most accomplished coaches in New England. Weightlifting will always be a passion of mine, which blends perfectly with one of my other passions, which is reading. My Weightlifting specific library collection is extensive, and my goal is to eventually own a copy of every book ever written on the subject of Weightlifting!


Club Information:

Rumbler Barbell is located within Arkitect Fitness, in New Hampshire’s capital of Concord. We are home to a wide range of Weightlifting athletes, from complete beginners, to those aspiring to compete at the World level. At Rumbler we put results second only to community. While we are devoted to developing athletes to their full potential, you cannot put a price on being a good teammate. Weightlifting may be an  individual sport on the platform, but it’s the strength of your team that gets you there.

Outreach Programs: 


Program Name: First Timers Only Meet

This is a low pressure atmosphere where athletes don’t have to worry about being inexperienced, as every competitor will be competing for the first time, and is a less expensive option for athletes to test the waters of competition to see if it’s something they really enjoy.  As part of the experience, we will also be hosting a free clinic the weekend prior to explain to both athletes and coaches (who may also be coaching at competition for the first time) what to expect and how the day will run.

Date: TDB (Summer 2019)

Program Name: Competition Coaching Clinics

Members of Rumbler Staff and team will reach out to surrounding gyms to offer them free clinics on how to start their own USAW Club, and how to coach athletes at a meet. Just as many athletes may feel nervous competing for the first time, even coaches with a good understanding of fundamentals of Weightlifting technique may feel too inexperienced to start a club and begin coaching athletes in competition.

During the clinics we’ll cover how to get your club started:

  • Coach requirements
  • Facility requirements
  • How to get people interested in the club
  • How to find and sign up for meets
  • General programming
  • What to expect on competition day
  • How to count attempts/warm-up

Date: TBD Based on gym scheduling and demand