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Regis Becker is the President, Founder and Head Coach of the Pittsburgh Barbell Club.  He has been involved with strength sports for more than forty years and has been a USAW certified coach since 1995.  He became a National Coach in 2006 and has coached numerous athletes at local, national and international meets. Below is a brief summary of his history of service to the sport:

  • National Referee (2016-present)
  • President Allegheny Mountain Assoc. LWC (2004-Present)
  • Member, USAW Board Nominating and Governance Committee (2013 to 2015)
  • Member, USAW Board of Directors (2008 to 2012)
  • Member, USA Weightlifting Foundation Board (2008 to 2015)
  • National Coach (2006 to present)
  • LWC Referee (1999-present)
  • Certified Club Coach (1995 to 2006)
  • Member (1994 to Present)

Becker also served as the head coach of the Penn State University Park Olympic Weightlifting Club from 2013 until 2017.  He currently serves as a strength training advisor to the Penn State Greater Allegheny Athletic Department.

Club Information:

We are all about Olympic Weightlifting at the Pittsburgh Barbell Club located inside the Pittsburgh Sports Performance Center.  The Club was founded in 2005 and is owned and operated by the Pittsburgh Sports Performance & Development Corporation, a 501c3 not-for-profit that is dedicated to the promotion of the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.  Our 7500 square foot training center has eleven training platforms, a regulation competition deck and high quality IWF approved equipment. It is equipped with lifting blocks, squat stands, a power rack, bench press, glute/ham machines and eleven complete bumper sets. We also have training bars for youths and female lifters. Our eleven volunteer coaches are certified by USA Weightlifting and are present at each training session at no extra charge and are there to help improve the athlete’s skills safely and efficiently. The Pittsburgh Barbell Club exists to promote Olympic Weightlifting and always insure that all athletes, whatever the skill level have a great experience at our training center.


At the Pittsburgh Barbell Club, we have a collaborative approach to our athletes; our USAW certified coaches are volunteers and donate their time to help the team. Our focus is on teaching and improving our athlete’s technique in performing the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. We give equal attention to the first time lifters and World Team members and celebrate every athlete’s improvement regardless of how much weight is on the bar.


The Pittsburgh Barbell Club has had athletes compete at USAW national level events every year since its founding.  We host numerous USAW sanctioned events every year including the wildly popular Pittsburgh Open Weightlifting Championships every January.


In addition, the Pittsburgh Barbell Club has allowed other local USAW Clubs to host competitions at the PBC gym.  Further, the Club has loaned out its competition Weightlifting set and scoring system multiple times to other USAW clubs to support competitions at their locations.


Outreach Programs: 


Program Name: Penn State Greater Allegheny Training Center

The Pittsburgh Barbell Club has donated an entire training center to the Penn State of Greater Allegheny Campus located in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, an economically distressed former steel town on the east side of Pittsburgh.  The Center is equipped with 5 Powerlift brand training stations which include lifting platforms, five 400-pound Rogue Training sets each with one 20 and one 15 kilo barbell, one 165 kilo set of Eleiko training bumper plates, and two Concept 2 Rowing machines. The Pittsburgh Barbell Club has also paid for a Penn State of Greater Allegheny student who is also USAW National competitor to become certified and supervise student athlete training.  University leadership has agreed to permit the use of the facility for community youth groups to train under Pittsburgh Barbell Club coaches supervision.  We have begun talking with local youth athletic league administrators to solicit participation.


Program Name: Pittsburgh Barbell Club East Training Center

The Pittsburgh Gymnastics Club is an artistic gymnastics facility located on the east side of Pittsburgh, in small neighborhood called Braddock, Pennsylvania. Braddock is a very low-income and economically depressed area but it is athlete-rich with some of the highest statistics of NFL players produced in the country. In 2014, the Pittsburgh Barbell Club donated 6 barbells, 2 sets of plates and many accessory items to start a community outreach and recruitment program. This program, named Pittsburgh Barbell Club East, is utilized by many youth gymnasts, parents and coaches and is staffed by Kim Ransom, USAW-1 National Referee and Master Athlete.  Pittsburgh Barbell Club East (PBC-East) has paid for two athletes to obtain their USAW-1 certifications in order to expand the amount of athletes we can serve. The most recent success story is the recruitment of gymnastics coach turned National weightlifting competitor, Mariah Park. As the gymnastics program grows, so does the amount of athletes we see in the PBC-East weight room. In 2019, we will be offering free community classes to youth in the Braddock area and will be offering free Olympic weightlifting clinics at Woodland Hills High School in partnership with the Athletic Department. While looking for talent, we will continue to offer mentorship to the athletes and young adults who use our facility, as well as continue to train others to coach and spread the love of our sport.