New York Weightlifting Academy

Coach: Daniel Casey

New York weightlifting academy

17 gramercy place

Thornwood NY 10594



Gym/coach bio:

The New York weightlifting Academy is the only gym dedicated to Olympic-style weightlifting in the greater Metro New York area. Located in Westchester County, we have deep local roots and in New York weightlifting via Senior international Coach Marc Chasnov. The gym has been operating since 2013 and utilizes a 2000 square-foot weight room area with international level equipment. We are dedicated to the advancement of quality training practices, as well as creating athletes that are eager and successful on the competition platform. 

Coach Daniel Casey founded the New York weightlifting Academy, and has utilized it to raise athletes who have competed at the local, national and international levels. Coming from a teaching background, Coach Casey utilizes his experience as a teacher and as a weightlifter under Coach Chasnov to help teach The sport and art of weightlifting to new athletes and lead the competitive team. Daniel has trained under Coach Chasnov for the better part of 10 years and has competed locally and nationally within that time span. He has also worked with many CrossFit athletes who have reached high levels of success at the CrossFit games.

Senior international coach Marc Chasnov Has been the main guide and teacher for the New York weightlifting Academy. He has been involved in the sport of Weightlifting for the greater part of 50 years both as an athlete and as a coach. Coach Chasnov raised one of the first female national champions in the country and was a pioneer in the women’s weightlifting movement. He was also a coach at the 1996 Olympic Games to his personal lifter Konstantine Starikovich.