Brooklyn Barbell Club


98 Bayard Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222



Coach Blanco is a USA Weightlifting National Level Coach, Brooklyn Barbell Program Director, and lead coach at Burgener Strength. His journey began with CrossFit coaching in 2008 and quickly accelerated to include the sport of Weightlifting in 2009. His passion for coaching was born from a desire to facilitate and affect change to those who choose to invest in themselves. The early exposure to CrossFit accelerated his coaching process. In CrossFit, the spectrum of athlete levels and movement patterns is infinite and thus necessitates an explicit and impassioned instruction. Coach Blanco embodies that powerful combination by coaching with love and purpose.


Transitioning to a full-time Weightlifting coach felt like a natural progression. Coach Blanco is drawn to the extremely technical aspects of the movements and the long-term development process involved in the sport of Weightlifting. One of Coach Blanco’s early inspirations was USAW Hall of Fame and Senior Level International Coach Mike Burgener. His bold energy and unselfish love of Weightlifting was highly influential to Coach Blanco’s career. Through seeking guidance and perspective from Coach Burgener, as well as other Senior Level and prominent coaches such as Cara Heads Slaughter, Danny Camargo, and Travis Mash, Coach Blanco has grown to coach alongside his first coaching role models in National Level Competition. He has been developing national and international Youth, Junior, Senior, and Masters medalists since 2013.


Coach Blanco has a fundamental belief that the practice of Weightlifting is for anyone. Weightlifting teaches us purpose, intentionality, the beauty of the process, and learning from our mistakes. Throughout his Weightlifting Career, Coach Blanco has connected to an enormous breadth of people who continually influence and impact his way of teaching and coaching to this day.

About the club:

Brooklyn Barbell Club established the year 2012. Their mission has been to focus on developing and growing the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. It started as a fun learning experience for new coaches and athletes and then expanded into a successful development program that emphasizes performance.


Brooklyn Barbell Club manages a training system for international and national level athletes at the Youth, Junior, Senior, and Masters level. BBC is a community-based training facility that believes all levels of experiences should train together. Athletes gain more insight as a group, which leads to higher engagement among team members, and as a result, it accelerates athletes' overall progress. 


Also known for their annual Brooklyn Barbell Open. Athletes from the north-eastern region of the United States come every year to take an opportunity to win bragging rights for their local community.  Participants are coming from Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, and New Jersey. Brooklyn Barbell Open is sought after by competitive athletes and is well respected as a high-quality, USAW sanctioned event.

Outreach programs:

Brooklyn Athletics Development program is a competition focused program. It includes practice and preparation for Olympic Weightlifting competitions. As a result, our athletes focus intentionally on their personal training goals. Whether a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, our athletes must exert the same focused energy in their training. Through constant personal development, our athletes demonstrate their capability to work on weaknesses, which leads to success.


Brooklyn Youth Athletics is a non-profit program. We offer an opportunity for underprivileged and at-risk youth to join our program. Our program has a positive impact on young lives in our local community. By learning and improving the discipline of the work that is needed to be an athlete will, in return, improve young athletes' critical thinking capabilities. These young athletes learn how to break apart complex movements such as Snatch and Clean & Jerk, into small isolated personal problems related to the execution of these primary lifts. Young athletes develop skills and abilities to simply and pragmatically solve these isolated problems.


Since 2013, we have seen our program positively affect our community. We are proud to have leaders and coaches in our community today, that was once part of our Youth Athletics program. You may qualify for Brooklyn Barbell Youth Athletics non-profit program at

Our Brooklyn Athletics Development Program is open to any one interested in competitive Olympic Weightlifting. No prior experience necessary. You may apply to part of our team by visiting