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Tom Sroka

Tom Sroka owns and operates The Strength Agenda, a strength + conditioning gym outside Chicago that also specializes in online coaching. As a self-proclaimed “strength nerd” and former collegiate coach, Tom’s brand of coaching is known for his depth of knowledge, willingness to experiment and learn from others, and commitment to building strong coach/athlete relationships. His weightlifting club, TeamSAW, is home to athletes 10-70 years old who range from hobbyists to international competitors.

Club Information:

TeamSAW, or Strength Agenda Weightlifting, was founded in 2013 as one of the first online coaching options available in the weightlifting world. Tom Sroka has steadily grown the club from 5 to over 80 lifters, of varying abilities, ages and degrees of competitiveness. To this day Team SAW has qualified 42 individual to Senior international events as well countless World and National honors in the Masters ranks. Helpful resources for athletes and coaches alike can be found and our various other social media platforms. The Strength Agenda also offers programming for various training levels and abilities as well as coaching mentorship for barbell clubs. He can be reached to answer any questions at or by following the team on instagram @thestrenthagenda.

Outreach Programs:


Barbell 101:

Barbell 101 is a free program we offer to anyone interested in the sport of weightlifting. Interested parties must fill out a lead inquiry form with their information and a time for the 101 sessions will be scheduled to take place. This is a two day format of instruction that lasts roughly 90 minutes. Each session focuses on The Snatch and The Clean and Jerk and is scaled based on ability and skill levels. Each session is broken down as such:

-General Warm Up consisting of glute activation work and various crawls

-Barbell Warm Up focusing specifically on the lift we are emphasizing in that session. 

-60 minutes of instruction on the lifts. This starts with teaching the top down progression of the lifts and provides multiple sets and reps with hands on coaching and cues to ensure proper and efficient movement. 

-Skill Application. We like to have the athlete apply what they've learned with some complexes and light barbell work in order to tie together the main points of the lift to performing the lifts in a training environment. 

-Cool down and questions. We use this time to properly cool the athlete down and answer any and all questions about the next day of instruction, the program, or the sport in general. 

Our link for inquiries can be found here: