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Anna has been involved in Olympic-style weightlifting for just over 25 years starting at 14 years old.  She has placed in the top three at every National Championships and American Open from 2001 to 2006, and won the Collegiate National Champion in 2005.

She lifted for the United States in Mexico City and Guatemala City and placed 2nd place in Mexico City’s Olympic Festival. In 2004 she was the first alternate to the Olympic Trials and in 2006 she lifted in the World Team Trials.

As a coach, she has been able to coach at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and Marquette, MI. She then coached Team Wesley in St. Joseph, MO for a year and had 8 School-age National Champions and one girl that qualified for an International Weightlifting meet. Since then she has started her own team and has had over 30 National Champions and many best lifters. In 2008, she was named AAU Coach of the Year and was invited to coach the School-age Christmas camp and the head women’s coach that was held in Colorado Springs.

In June of 2014 and 2018 she won Master Pan American Championships. She also won the 2014 Masters World Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has continues to compete in the Master's division.

About the club:

KC Weightlifting is an Olympic Weightlifting club located in Overland Park Kansas coached by Anna Martin. KC Weightlifting was founded in April 2016. Our primary focus and passion is Olympic-style Weightlifting.  We train and teach from novice to nationally ranked lifters. We also have CrossFit athletes come to us for focused training in Olympic-style Weightlifting. Our athletes compete at the local and National Level and are aged anywhere from 8 to 70+.

Outreach programs:

Community Outreach in Elementary and Middle Schools

There are a couple ways to get in contact with a school we are looking to reach. One option is to look up who the Physical Education teacher is in the school and email/call them to get in contact. I have also had some of my athletes talk to their PE teacher about me coming and then I email the teacher. I give them a brief description of who I am, my background and experience in Olympic Weightlifting, and what I can do for them. When I go into a school, I take over the whole class for the day. Typically I have about an hour with each group of students. First, I start off by talking about Olympic lifting and having one of my athletes demonstrate the lifts, then we give them an opportunity to ask whatever questions they may have. We talk about how Olympic lifting will help athletes of all kinds of sports. Then I get the whole class up and in a big circle and I teach them how to properly squat. We do about 5 or 10 mins of squatting. Lastly, I split the class into two groups and do an obstacle course. The kids love it because they get to have a race. I always hand out fliers and talk to the kids that might be interested in coming to the gym at the end!

I offer this as a free program for the school. Some obstacles I faced when I first started doing this was just getting in the door. They weren't sure who I was and were a little skeptical to bring me in. So that is when I would have an athlete talk to the PE teacher and tell them about me and what they like about Olympic lifting. After getting in the first school, the teacher absolutely loved what we did. And would always recommend for me to go to other schools.

Community Outreach Free Saturday training

We have several Saturdays throughout the year where we invite people from the community to come train with us. It can be their first time trying Olympic lifting or someone that just wants a fun atmosphere to train in. We ask other members in the gym to invite anyone they know and we make posts on social media. Along with these events we will also sometimes to do charity giving. Each fall we have everyone bring a gift for Operation Christmas Child. We collect them at the door and then have a fun training session.