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Denver Beacon Schools Outreach Program

By Denver Barbell Club | July 13, 2020, 3:12 p.m. (ET)

Denver Barbell Club is partnered with the Denver Beacon Schools to provide weightlifting classes to middle school student 2 times per week.  The program is held, for now, at 2 different schools in the area; Grant and Kepner Middle Schools with goals to expand to several other schools in the years to come.  The students learn weightlifting in a class atmosphere and we teach them the fundamentals while keeping the environment very fun for them. 


The most important part of creating this program was making sure it was considered a required class by the school leadership.  As a result, Weightlifting is given the same respect as any other class in the students’ curriculum and that ensures students are equally committed to learning the sport. 


The biggest challenge in starting this program was definitely making contact with the people in charge of the schools.  We tried for a couple of years to get in touch with Denver Public Schools, but couldn’t put anything solid together.  Luckily USA Weightlifting was pursuing the same goal with the DBS and we were able to finally bring a youth program together for the city.  If you’re looking to partner with school districts in your area we definitely recommend reaching out to USAW.  They have staff on hand to help with your efforts as well as the influence of a centralized governing body for our sport.  USAW also has a huge interest in recruiting kids to youth programs so it’s definitely a win-win for both your gym and Team USA.