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Passport to Success

By Michael Conroy - Crown Barbell | Feb. 13, 2020, 9:22 p.m. (ET)

“Kudos” to Crown Barbell Owner, Kevin Burke, for his insightful approach in assisting local facilities in their efforts to improve their weightlifting opportunities.

In our first year of operation most of our Community Outreach efforts where based upon day long seminars and clinics with a post event contact stating our other membership offerings.

This year we where approached by a local “fitness facility” that was looking for a more expanded collaboration but it had to make business sense to all involved as well as provide a level of expertise that can only be acquired by partnering with a USAW Community Development Training Site.

Burke suggested that we partner with a Crown Passport, offering and explains it as follows.

“The owner and I looked at the existing memberships that they offered and applied the Crown Passport to one of them. Current members, interested in receiving continuous training in weightlifting, select the Crown Passport Option, though their current facility site. They then come to Crown during our hours of operation and receive their individualized training. The basic training cycles are 6 weeks in length and once completed the participant has the option to re-register for another cycle.”

“The reason for this approach was that we want to present the very best in assessments, training and programming, beyond what occurs in a short term ‘clinic’ setting and promote the USAW philosophy.”

“This approach allows everyone to stay with their current facility, coach and community.

We understand the ‘loyalty” athletes have to their current situation and want to respect that.”

Individuals can decide to register through the Crown Web site for the Crown Passport Option. At the end of the month Crown and the collaborating facility settle the financial agreement was set up at the start of the program.

We are optimistic that this will be a successful outing and wanted to share this optimism with the other Community Training Sites.