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Robinson Weightlifting Team Established 1999

March 01, 2019, 2:24 p.m. (ET)

History: A 20 Year Old Team - The Largest Weightlifting Team in New England

Robinson Weightlifting started 20 years ago out of a University program with the original name of “Team Bridgewater”. With the fortune of severe growing pains, as well as taking 10-18 athletes to University Nationals each year, they outgrew the university facilities and needed their own dedicated training space. In approximately 2008 Team Bridgewater changed their name to Robinson Weightlifting, and in 2010 they moved to their 3500 sf dedicated Olympic Lifting Training facility located in Franklin, MA, and formed a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation with their mission statement of “Building Strong PEOPLE Through Weightlifting”.



Since Robinson Weightlifting’s move to Franklin they have been more involved with weightlifting and the community than ever! Through Dr. Robinson’s robust community connections and 30+ years in the fitness field, they forged partnerships with The YMCA and their Healthy Kids initiative, as well as The American Cancer Society. In 2015 the teams parent company, RWL Weightlifting, Inc. founded and launched “Kilos For A Cure” ( a partnership between RWL, USA Weightlifting, The American Cancer Society and The Coaches vs. Cancer Program; in the last 4 years they have collectively raised over $40,000 in the search of a cure for cancer with the medium of weightlifting.


Relationship With USA Weightlifting:

Robinson Weightlifting has been actively involved with USA Weightlifting for the past 20 years competing, coaching and officiating at the local, regional, national, Pan American, World, and Olympic levels. The team has also actively participated in all of USA Weightlifting’s “Try Weightlifting For Free” and “Olympic Day” Events. The teams involvement in the local LWC - New England - is robust, having their head coach serve for 2 years as Vice President and 3 years as LWC President. For the past 10+ years Robinson Weightlifting has hosted an increasing number of USA Weightlifting sanctioned competitions. Currently they annually host the largest events every held in New England, amounting to approximately 75% of the annual weightlifting events in New England.


How to Grow Your Team:

Consistency, consistency, consistency! Be the best that you can be, take time to learn from others who know more than you do! Be humble and seek help! Engage in as much continuing education that you can! Robinson Weightlifting has been hosting USA Weightlifting Level 1 and 2 Coaching Certifications for well into their second decade. This is one of the many ways that the team and its coaches give back to the community...teaching the good word of weightlifting and helping the community start and grow new clubs. The list of New England Weightlifting Clubs that Robinson Weightlifting has mentored is endless, it is teamwork!!!


Community and Mentorships:

To mention some of the many community programs that Robinson Weightlifting is involved in, the club offers RWL Fit Kids – a youth based fundamental fitness program for ages 3-8 and 9- 12, Weightlifting For Women, Local sports team training including wrestling, soccer, ice hockey, swimming, as well as a scholarship program for families in need. The teams newest community program is coaching mentorship for new local weightlifting coaches looking to learn more about weightlifting, programming and meet coaching. This new coaching program is taking off, please EMAIL US for additional information, as we are starting a waiting list and also starting an online coaching education program.



Robinson Weightlifting is blessed to follow the leadership of Dr. Robinson and her University involvement at the graduate level with strength and conditioning. Many of the team’s coaches have gone through the MS in Strength and Conditioning Degree Program, and team members have ample opportunities to learn, travel, and assist with Division I, Ivy League, Professional and Olympic teams in a weightlifting and research based capacity.


Lifelong Learning:

To continue learning from Robinson Weightlifting please feel free to visit their WEBSITE, and Follow them on FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter. Or to learn more about how your club can grow and succeed as a weightlifting club EMAIL THEM.